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welcome change; welcome home

For a week, we were one of those families – you know the ones – the families that take vacations, spend money, have fun.

The skies in Colorado were the most glorious blue, all except for the second day, when it snowed, alas, only a little.  The powder disappointed – not up to the Rocky’s standards at all.  But, ooooooooooh the space!!  Yes, the room to maneuver and general lack of iciness made the skiing still very superior to that possible on New England slopes (especially THIS year).

The view from our balcony.

At MidVail, hot dogs cost $10.75.  Thankfully, courtesy my brother and the company he works for, we were comped almost everything… room, ski tickets, parking for the week, internet access, movies charged to the room.  And, K’s multiple trips to Asia meant we had frequent flier miles to spend and ‘premium access’ – no charge for extra bags, for one thing – and hallelujah, because we had TEN bags to check (four helmets and four pairs of ski boots take up quite a bit of room!)  It still feels like we spent a fortune, but truly, we didn’t.

I sewed a little.  Drew a little.  Read a little.  Skied two days (half days, really – it was all my legs could take).  Really enjoyed myself.  Everyone did.

My hearts look so rag-tag.  I am doing my full-out best not to compare them to anyone else’s hearts.  They are mine, dammit!  Ragged, messy, scarred-up looking, and mine.  I really like the few sketches I made, though —  I’ll post a couple more tomorrow.

This week promises to be busy.  Will continue with Jude Hill‘s Whispering Hearts class, along with a million other things that have to get done (three doctor’s appts – mine and other’s; thank you gifts to mail; fridge stink to rout out; high school follow up; class to prep for; laundry; piles to sort and put away; food to procure and prep; Newton Open Studios countdown to organize; printer to purchase; quilts to continue on and finish; felt house order to fill; commission email to happily respond to).  eek!!!  Right now, I better just get to bed.


P.S. the slipper link was added to that post if you were wanting the pattern.