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I have a few questions this morning, prompted in measure by the most recent class I’m taking over at Spirit Cloth.

What if silliness is a form of freedom?  And, if you decide being silly is important – can you make it happen? Or is it by definition spontaneous?

I can’t draw horses.  Should that stop me?

I am looking into slavery in all its grotesque specificity.  Reading about pestilence, torture, whippings, labor practices, the Middle Passage, transmission of culture, textile traditions, loss of culture, roles of mistresses, overseers.  Is it possible that such a weighty reading discipline ALONE ought to dictate a measure of specific whimsy… for balance?

What if I tipped the eaves, just a little, on some of my little houses, and they sprouted wings?!

And why don’t I dream about flying anymore?

Do you? Do you dream about flying?


bird sparkle head

One of the best birthday gifts this year was a silk-covered, beaded box full of antique textile scraps and little, aged bags of sequins and beads (thank you, MR!!!).  I added some sparkle to the bird’s head.

Those are keepers… but I’m not sure about the sparkle, island below.  I think it interferes with the nice grid that is generated by the woven strips.

She is almost ready for binding.  This will be a quilt where I add to the edges rather than true it down.  This blue silk, while luscious, pulled apart at a pace that amazed me – shrinking an already too-small back.

Such are the challenges!