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Avoidance in disguise

I could spend the rest of my life, even a long life, organizing my studio and finishing incomplete work.

Started sorting this morning and made give away piles, maybe-sell piles, village-quilt-teeny-geometric piles, and found many, many quilts half done. Also a few all the way done.

(I was in the basement because of tree work over at the school. The noise level is fairly tolerable now but just wait until they start grinding branches).

The problem with a space that affords potentially endless and productive activity is that it can serve as a sneaky tool of avoidance. You’d think my laptop was covered in cactus spines or snot the way I’m avoiding it.

So, in the school of Find the Thing You Can Say Yes To (Even If it’s Ridiculously Small) I found something I can say yes to: go through and make sure chapter headings match my table of contents. Bye!

happiness is…

…the morning sun upstairs
… and downstairs… and ON the stairs.

Happiness is coffee, the newspaper (mostly for the puzzle), a hearty breakfast, color, eyes to see color, fabric, space to work, works in progress…

Happiness is when the Hungry Risen one eats what I prepare for him, and it’s packed with calories.Happiness is also finished work, which I will share tomorrow!

Happiness is knowing that gardening is just around the corner.

Happiness is the phone call from NYC, where C proudly informs me that his team (4x400mm relay) won their heat and broke two more school records!