Stitching a hanging rope and a bamboo skewer into the top hem of a little wall quilt feels elegant for some reason.

phone picture from last night – sorry it isn’t more crisp

That rope will not slide or tug away, and the skewer will keep the piece (though small and somewhat stiff) from bowing.

I like the way the half-moon vintage doily rises above the top edge.

Part of this effort was inspired by Jude Hill‘s Heart Whispering class.  It is also a continuation of a 12 (or more) year-long exploration of hearts in cloth and thread.  What you can’t quite see in these pictures is that the sheer green Asian fabric features metallic inks.  Yesterday, as the day waned, those gilded areas caught the sun and glowed.

And since I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of the indigo-dipped cloths that used lacrosse balls as resists, here are a couple of more pictures.

And another.