Horror Vacui?

It’s not that I abhor a vacuum but somehow the urge to play with pattern takes over.

This vertical piece replaces the left hand white area of the pin board that I contemplated leaving blank in the last post.

I filled in the right side’s white stripe as well. But I’ve adjusted roof heights and inserted ecru to try and keep things lively.

Last post:

Meanwhile, it was primary day here in Massachusetts, school started, and I watched quite a few hours of the Kavanaugh hearings. Maybe that’s why I have a headache (or is it the heat?)

PS even though copying myself doesn’t generally work for some reason, I might map out that vertical pieced section and make another version of it so it can stand alone.

PPS. Sorry I haven’t been reading blogs much or if I’m reading, not commenting. Still staying focused here. Submitted a chapter to a literary magazine contest with Dec 15 results. Probably will serve to add to my rejection pile but it felt good to hit send today. By a weird coincidence the judge is Colum McCann, whom I wrote about last week in a post about imitating writers I admire.