Horror Vacui?

It’s not that I abhor a vacuum but somehow the urge to play with pattern takes over.

This vertical piece replaces the left hand white area of the pin board that I contemplated leaving blank in the last post.

I filled in the right side’s white stripe as well. But I’ve adjusted roof heights and inserted ecru to try and keep things lively.

Last post:

Meanwhile, it was primary day here in Massachusetts, school started, and I watched quite a few hours of the Kavanaugh hearings. Maybe that’s why I have a headache (or is it the heat?)

PS even though copying myself doesn’t generally work for some reason, I might map out that vertical pieced section and make another version of it so it can stand alone.

PPS. Sorry I haven’t been reading blogs much or if I’m reading, not commenting. Still staying focused here. Submitted a chapter to a literary magazine contest with Dec 15 results. Probably will serve to add to my rejection pile but it felt good to hit send today. By a weird coincidence the judge is Colum McCann, whom I wrote about last week in a post about imitating writers I admire.

8 thoughts on “Horror Vacui?

  1. Michelle Skater

    I’m watching the last chapter of the great documentary on PBS Mark Twain. Don’t worry about not reading or responding to all of us out here. We are all overwhelmed with our own necessities for survival. Turning to creativity is healthy and right. This is a beautiful cloth work.

      1. Nancy

        Yes, overwhelm & how to keep up? Or do I want to? I’ve been a rotten blog reader as of late, but like Michelle says, it’s okay…we all just have to do what we can/want to.
        I thought “It takes a village” upon seeing this cloth…I think I think that a lot with your house cloths. You bring so much light. life and contemplation to us with your cloths, with YOU, by being you. xo

        1. deemallon

          Fall usually brings a more settled rhythm. We’ll see. Thanks for your continued support and friendship!

  2. Liz A

    I read a description of Rachel Maddow that was something along the lines of “she’s your favorite high school civics teacher” … yes indeed. Fittingly, she began yesterday’s show with a “back to school” comment …

    Anyway, I can relate to finding time for everything between stitching, writing blog posts, and keeping up with everyone else’s blogs. That you are writing a book as well speaks volumes (pun intended).

    1. deemallon

      Thanks, Mo. What a long shot it is better but also – how good it feels to be throwing my hat in the ring.


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