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IMG_9759It is an absolutely gorgeous morning here.  The air is delicately cool. The sun illuminates the greenery in a way that says, “Summer!”
IMG_9771The yellow washing through the beds is cheery and all the more delightful for arriving suddenly, like a surprise visit from a good friend. I don’t even really mind, today, that the rabbits ate all my sunflower seedlings, except for one.
IMG_9594Coffee water roils. Gotta go. It’s a PT morning and a Salem day.

And, here’s a video footnote…. I know by now we have all heard Pharrell William’s song maybe one time too many (and I’m still wondering, “What’s with that hat?!”), but the variety of dancing videos to the song are kind of wonderful.  Here’s one of my favorites.

Happy in Paris.

“Create what you need most”

“Create what you need most,” well said by Sabrina Ward Harrison in her Living Project.

So maybe I need baby elephants?

I DO love them.  Or perhaps to draw, since there is always time for that?

And humor.  Who doesn’t need that, especially with the financial fallout from our wreck of a government (glad they can take a vacation, though – surely they’ve earned that!).  THAT’s not the humor, photo below is – pure visual play on my sister’s mantle – cosmic kitty and poodle dancing with Shiva.

The weeks go by in my office without replacing the other paralegal and the work slams on, making me alternately restless, angry, overwhelmed, determined, productive, angry, drained, worried, angry.  At least a new project in the cellar studio takes shape, using woven strips (learned from Jude Hill) and a Winslow Homer watercolor as starting points — providing me with tiny islands of satisfying endeavor (but cannot share more than previous post as it’s a commission).

Remind me please!

Remind me, please, of what a cool sanctuary my basement studio is this time of year.  Remind me, please, of how I lose myself there, and how in the losing, find myself drinking from the Deep Well, and am sated.  Remind me, please, to skip the drama of articulating my misery next time (i.e., this time tomorrow when I go into the office — on SUNDAY — to make copies, scans, and collate?!!) and just go straight to Source.  No detours.  No sharing my misery with others (what a nice way to put THAT!).

Tomorrow, I will see Shakespeare in the Park on Boston Common with friends.  With that on the calendar, perhaps the Drudge Monster will not gain purchase.

P.S. I clipped the magazine page ages ago because I fell in love with the composition and colors.  When I saw, today, that it is a Winslow Homer, I thought, “well no wonder I love it!!!”  SOME things in life are constant.

June Rain

A disconsolate rain falling.  June rounding the bend.  Summer now.

Experiment – instead of saying to self, “I’m so tired…”, say, “I’m so aware…”  Some days that turns into:  “I’m so aware of being tired”!  But other days, colors pop or I soften, just a tad.

The too much-ness of things – a friend’s poor health, C. getting his license, the tenured paralegal leaving just as a summer schedule was opening with breathing-space.  Rain.

The garden has thrived this year.  Is EVERYTHING because of global warming?  The stress of the weird winter, I heard, has made the plants push into overtime.  Makes sense to me.  The result?  Glorious.  A profusion of iris, sun drops, pansies in all their cheerful displays.

The ‘big quilt’ is progressing.  A batik-splurge in Schenectady this past weekend will help me resolve some of the last problem areas (too much red on the right, not enough swirly patterning mid-bottom).

I love to share in-the-moment pictures on this blog – as if these entries were like food – better by being seasonal and fresh.  But constraints of all kinds have me willing to upload some older shots.  I plan to get the whole sketchbook up eventually.  Here it is, very early on.

For THIS year’s project, I chose the theme – “PATH THROUGH THE WOODS”.

Time to make “literally the best Caesar Salad” (just caught up on this season of Parks n’ Rec) and pasta.  I sure hope the speech about drawing down the troops in Afghanistan doesn’t trump ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Jackets, Blankets, and Sheets

The Greek word moira (μοῖρα) literally means a part or portion, and by extension one’s portion in life or destiny. They [The Fates] controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death.  [Wikipedia]

With two weeks to go for The Sketchbook Project, the foot of snowfall over the weekend was a boon — I got to spend almost all of Monday down in the cellar.  I was having so much fun, it didn’t matter how cold my studio was!

Below are some images of sheets that I collected over the fall.  One of D. sleeping. Another of our laundry closet, photoshopped.

My chosen theme — JACKETS, BLANKETS AND SHEETS – also got a boost from the snow.  Blankets of snow covered the Northeast on Sunday, and so pictures of snow, Christmas napkins of snow, and Vintage Christmas cards with blankets of snow, all made their way into the book.  More of that tomorrow.

Jack has nearly disappeared while walking on the newly-cleared sidewalk!