IMG_9759It is an absolutely gorgeous morning here.  The air is delicately cool. The sun illuminates the greenery in a way that says, “Summer!”
IMG_9771The yellow washing through the beds is cheery and all the more delightful for arriving suddenly, like a surprise visit from a good friend. I don’t even really mind, today, that the rabbits ate all my sunflower seedlings, except for one.
IMG_9594Coffee water roils. Gotta go. It’s a PT morning and a Salem day.

And, here’s a video footnote…. I know by now we have all heard Pharrell William’s song maybe one time too many (and I’m still wondering, “What’s with that hat?!”), but the variety of dancing videos to the song are kind of wonderful.  Here’s one of my favorites.

Happy in Paris.

4 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Ginny

    Love the yellows and the link … just a reminder that everything is more beautiful in France. I wonder if it is too late for me to spend a happily-ever-after there?

    (((hugs)))) to your sis for me. xox


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