Sea Island Indigo and The Fool

four-quarters-moonWhen I found out about a three-day indigo forum in Charleston, South Carolina this coming September, I practically jumped out of my seat.  I didn’t even go to the impracticality of the opportunity given its price…  just reveled in the notion of a free and clear calendar.

How different to consider a pricey tuition than to anticipate the juggling of school and doctors’ appointments and meals and well, you know, parenting!
scrap-bundleCheck it out:  Sea Island Indigo Workshop.

Here is the revised and nearly complete “Fool”. I let the underlying blue paper serve as mountains, instead of the cut-out denim I had originally.  And I replaced the sad-eyed basset with the black and white mutt you see below.  I was happy to find this dog — it so nearly mimics the one depicted in the Rider deck. The Rider deck will be my prime source, by the way.
In terms of synchronicity — I was cutting out the suitcase, wondering whether I would find a good rose (something I considered essential for the card), when I flipped over the page and found the one you see there!

All that remains is to add title and number and make color xerox at proper size. And maybe revise the sun rays. What do you think? Too hokey? Inconsistent with the rest?



9 thoughts on “Sea Island Indigo and The Fool

  1. Heather

    Very clever use of the background color! I defer to the artist on the sun … I like its cheerfulness. The Sun is my ruler, so I may be biased!

  2. saskia

    sounds like an excellent class Dee; I’ve just been reading about Julie’s experience ;in the Human Marks course with Nancy Crow, absolutely amazing! – Julie of Threading the Dog-
    I envy the level of courses and teachers on you side of the ocean…realizing your’s is a big country, maybe like me having to travel to Denmark…..I don’t have the time nor the money at this period of my life, but who knows one day…..for now I look forward to Jude’s new class, will you be joining too?

    Really like this Fool especially the dog staring at the dare devil on skateboard, I suppose dogs must often wonder what we humans think we’re doing?!

  3. deemallon

    hi Saskia — yeah, there are so many good things to experience, fiber wise — I’ve read about Nancy Crow’s ‘barn’ for years and it sounds just amazing what she does there… almost like fiber boot camp. But for you to go to Denmark? Isn’t that a little like me going to upstate New York? It would be fun to draw a line from your home in Holland covering the distance that is the same from here to SC and see where it would take you…. pretty far, I’m guessing. I like the dog here because she looks to be sharing The Fool’s sense of adventure. I suppose she could be easily thinking, “WTF?!”

  4. deemallon

    yvette – the feeling of excitement is a good one. I’ll get practical and negative later.

  5. saskia

    I have just noticed I wasn’t accurate in my comment re Julie’s class: her teacher was Dorothy Caldwell and it was at Nancy Crow’s Timber Frame Barn


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