Cape Ann and patios

At three I said, “Let’s go to the beach!”

An hour later we joined a few strangers at Cape Hedge Beach in Rockport just as a fine mist rolled in.

I pocketed a few striped rocks for my collection, but heart-shaped rocks are rare around here so I settled on heart-adjacent.

Dinner at the famous Woodman’s in Essex was its usual combination of delicious and mind-numbingly pricey. Do you know what fries clams cost these days? Though tables outside afforded good social distance, I insisted we eat in the car. Too much coming and going. Also — at least three dogs. And anyway, the view from the front seat satisfied!

We had a pounding rain last night. It looks as though my tender basil, amaranth, and sunflower seedlings survived.

After a three day break, the patio crew is back. Movement. Progress. So much waiting and delay lately! Will I / won’t I hear from the editor this week?

Baby steps and unexpected gifts

Does anyone remember when buying a Nike product was a show of support for Colin Kaepernick?

That was me yesterday just after sending a prompt to the incomparable Ms Deb Lacativa. Two hours of writing and shared reading goes a long way toward sustaining discipline. Next week, I’ll have three mornings like that with various other writers. After days and days of rain, the sky graces us with blue. The patio crew, at last, is here and guess what their name is? “Amazing Gardens.”

Did I tell you that the editor I’ve hired is named ‘Joy’?

Hiring Joy and installing Amazing Gardens – I’m not sure it gets better than that!

Of course, Joy may pan my book. I recently updated the blog’s “About” tab to address this writing project a little. How it may not be a “go” in the end for lots of reasons.

I don’t want to end on that note, so check this out.

By Tina Zaffiro! Look at the detail on this eyeglass case. Those blossoms. The berries! And, we all know who that black critter is, don’t we? Such an unexpected and wonderful gift! thank you, Tina.

Sample Sale

Pieced patchwork

This patchwork can be pinned to a window for a stained glass effect. Work is 19″ x 18″ and includes some vintage hand-dyed linens, as well as jewel-toned quilting cottons. There is no backing or binding.


I want to dump etsy, but first have to figure this out. So one itty bitty step at a time.

I have soooooo much work to post for sale. Would really love to get it circulating out into the world. Clear out the studio. Make room for new work, etc.

This is a trial post. But of course, should you like to purchase the patchwork, press the pay button and see what happens!

Small House Wall Hanging

Incorporating batiks, linen, quilting cottons, and upcycled clothing, this 9" x 8" wall hanging will add charm to any wall. Machine and hand-pieced, hand-quilted. Comes with a cloth hanger.


Monday distractions

Right now? Perry Mason, episode two. Earlier, essays by Mary Oliver and Deadline Whitehouse.

Dark and rainy again.

Sign of the times.

More signs of the times.

Calhoun removed by unanimous vote in Charleston, SC and two thirds of the Mississippi legislature votes to remove the Confederate flag insignia from the state flag.

Signs of the times.

Dark and rainy Sunday

I fled to the basement. Power sanders, power saws, and illegal gas-powered leaf blowers were insufficiently blocked by my special head phones.

But then I had fun. I actually forgot what it’s like to get lost down there. Put together one collage — it speaks to memory and Saharan dust (even if those are Asian elephants. Are they Asian elephants?) — and added to an old crab quilt. The addition of indigo dyed moons will, I think, make it gift worthy.

Thank you for all your kind sentiments yesterday. K is writing an obituary and cleaning out the gutters and switching out the water in the fish tank and marking out the circle for our new patio. Acting like his Dad, in other words. His father cleaned the gutters well into his 80’s.