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Monday 8-23-21

Dreaded start of the week yesterday. What’s THaT about?

A muggy swampy walk with Finn.

And something new/old pinned to the armoire. But it is a writing day. Twenty five pages to go. I think I ought to reward myself with something when I finish this FOURTH EDIT.

What, do you think? A pair of earrings? Ice cream from JP Licks? Oh oh how about a half dozen rose bath bombs?

I’ll let you know.

PS I want to start posting recipes for my boys. So they can find them. Such an endeavor raises those dumb and interfering questions about content and brand and worse, forces me to wonder: what happens to this blog after I’m gone?

Sumac Rethink and Moss Art

Both K and I woke with sumac misgivings. It would be easy to shrug and think, “We won’t be here for that mess,” but such an attitude went against our better natures. We hardly had to take fifteen steps on our walk this morning without seeing yet another sturdy, rogue sumac, sometimes looking like it was growing out of rock. It was a bad idea. Out they went.

Sun today. Much cooler temps. We removed slates in front of the new fence where a gate used to be. I’ll fill in with astilbe, hosta, and flowers from the front. The front has gotten very messy looking. I find myself less enthused about remedying messes. My old “Hearts Style” of gardening (pass to the right, pass to the left, hold) is not well suited to aging bones!

I get to take another friend with a summer birthday out for lunch! Think: truffle fries with garlic mustard and a salad.

Fall is showing up in seed heads, withering leaves, and evening air. But yesterday, at last, K and I took a dunk in Crystal Lake. Like last year, we wondered, what took us so long? Why wait til the summer is nearly over?

We have plans to go to Colorado in a few weeks. Hope the virus surge doesn’t wreck that idea.

Lastly, we were so thrilled to meet what looked like another Carolina dog at the lake yesterday and then even more (perhaps weirdly) thrilled to learn that his name was Finn. I’d been in touch with C all day by text because he was spending the day at Billy’s where as you might remember I met my first dog of that breed. Delilah. I was hoping for some FaceTime (didn’t happen). It’s hard to connect still — there’s my brother’s aversion to phones, the time difference, and lots of napping on his end. So I took this odd coincidence as a wave from the west coast. It would have to do.

We didn’t share our reactions with Handsome Belly Tattoo Man who was so clearly bored by people asking if his pup was a Carolina dog and also in that phase of life where one barely registers people of a certain age. Too bad I didn’t have the nerve to take a picture of HIM.

The day is mine

The day is mine. Tomorrow: my class. Wednesday: mine. Thursday: crown replacement. I am trying to be a big girl about the dentist. Not gonna let it assume ogre proportions if I can help it. Did I mention, today is mine?

PS painting of lemons by RainSluice aka Maggie and small cloth heart by Hazel at handstories.

Last Saturday in July ‘21

A pleasant day. A quiet day. As long as I don’t get tangled in negative thinking about not-going-anywhere-for-vacation (and what is our problem, exactly?), I can find a rhythm here that is enjoyable. And productive.

What’s wrong with enjoying the fluttering light in our comfortable first floor, padding out to the garden for a little watering and weeding, and sewing, sorting, and making collages in the basement? Below are a few of the day’s compositions.

Reliable Fence brought the wrong kind of slatted panels and the wrong kind of posts today. We’re replacing our very old fence. Have I mentioned? Installation probably delayed. I kind of hope they fuck up again because the irony tickles me.

It would be an understatement to say that I am incredibly psyched to be reading Deb Lacativa on kindle. I am so proud of her. I am so excited for her. The amount of work that goes into bringing a piece of writing into the world is hard to accurately describe. And she did it! And I am so privileged to have been along for the ride as a beta reader.