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Design concept

Acey’s recent invitation to think about a design concept has me thinking about complementary colors.

Looking for the orange to partner with the blue, the red for the green. Otherwise, at the midpoint in Acey’s collage month* I am mostly focusing on adhering collages into my sketchbook.

Not loving it. Double stick tape is unforgiving and for some reason the glue stick isn’t effective enough to counter the curl of the bound pages.

I am used to color copying oversized collages. The result is shiny, smooth, elegant, and if I shrink the scale, crisp. I’ve tried color printing here at home with mixed results.

I’m feeling constrained about making more paper when I have so much and also don’t want to shell out the dough.

So I think this is going to be a time when I start experimenting with wet finishes. Gesso, shiny and matt. Watercolor. Because I’ve been making a thorough digital record, I feel free to ruin the paper — which is good because I probably will.

I’m open to pulling the book apart in the end and applying stitch. Already, I’m doing so here and there.

After listening to the podcast mentioned on Grace’s blog yesterday, I’m thinking about regenerative design. I’m not yet sure what the term even means, but much has been stirred up.

(Future Primitive podcast with Daniel Christian Wahl).

For instance, I’m sitting with Wahl’s idea that it would be better to start connecting permaculture and sustainability leaders, shamans, and forward thinkers to young people on the climate crisis front than to merely have them communicate panic. This is not quite coherent yet but I’m gonna leave it there for today.


For info on this collage project see Acey’s blog sparklinglotusink

For more SoulCollage cards of mine, go to Flickr on sidebar and open the SoulCollage album. Or, track the ‘SoulCollage’ and ‘collage’ tags here on the blog

What you need

I have trouble remembering the prompts from Acey’s posts even after re-reading them. That’s a tell that I’m being challenged.

What would I want a care package to deliver?

The above collage was one response. Support for my writing, structure, a feedback loop of encouragement, praise, even. Success would be nice!

But the first thing that came to mind is how badly I want this world to have a future. That’s what those three polar bears symbolize: us having a future.

Ram Dass’s recent passing reminded me of a time I heard him speak at Omega Institute. He shared the stage with Marilyn Ferguson, who called herself a visionary Christian. The topic was the sustainability of human life. She advocated for passionate engagement to ensure our survival (and this was in the 80’s!). But Ram Dass sat there so alive, so fully in himself and asked, “why should I be invested in our survival? In one result over another?”

Lastly, here’s a response to a prompt in this morning’s writing class (“the slightest clue can give us away”):

Who says time is an illusion? Time is a beggar, banging on my door. Time is a thief, already past the alarms, helping herself to my almonds and honey. Time is a slut, prostituting herself for just a little more indolence. Time wears a bear mask one day, a griffin face the next, and comes as Snow White for the weekend.

Foliage and to do list

Call doc for info re: long term health care; review 90 page manuscript for friend/fellow writer; press selected fabrics for baby quilt commission; read up on Artists for Social Justice 2020 shows INFO (my cousin Ginny Mallon is spearheading); thank you notes.

Oh and create standardized caption for collage posts. Oh and find out how to duplicate a WordPress post for purposes of easy editing.

The writing class I teach was cancelled for this morning and the dog walker Kevin is on for today, so I should have time.

It is COLD today. Not crazy cold but winter cold but since it’s been so mild it feels more so.

So much ness

Today, the wave of collage continues and I shall let it but I have other things to attend to early this week, so the blogging time needs to shrink. I’ll let the pix speak for themselves (Links later) except to say the prompts provided by Acey that were floating in my mind while working: three circles, figures that compel you, trees, diagonals and conversation. Reverse chrono order here.

A seven minute experiment

Two minute version below. Probably better.

Too many attributions to mention. “Women take the floor” from special exhibit at Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The trench-coated silhouette in many collages is meant to represent Jared Kushner. The quilted warrior is a copy of a figure from The Lost Planet video game. Virgins from Assisi. Politics figures and celebrities copied from online, mostly Newsweek and Vanity Fair.

I used an iPhone app called slideshow maker. I need to learn how to vary the speed between frames.

Happy 2020 everyone!


It did a little bit of everything today. It rained and sleeted. Snowed. Rained again. Thunder and lightening just now.

What a full time! A stretch where every day felt like Sunday. Both boys home. Still hard to imagine a regular Tuesday. Hard to imagine that I used to cook for four almost every night for years. It’s a bit of an effort now.

A new favorite TV character — this battle scarred talking polar bear (in His Dark Materials (HBO)).

Finished this stunning and stirring memoir today. I’ve followed Jones on Instagram for a while now, so it was great to finally read his words. Explicit, sad, tender, at times funny, Jones describes coming of age as a black gay man in Texas and Kentucky. He is rightly considered a rising literary star.

Finished this today. With a little help from my friends. Thought an earlier iteration was it, but then saw that it was missing something. Worked it out with a digital crayon.

Too tired at the moment to string any more sentences together.

But let’s talk about — not resolutions — but intentions — soon. For 2020.