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Willowpark Forest sighting

So this happened. We walked five miles in looping trails through a state park yesterday — just what the doctor ordered. We saw tons of fungus, early-stage swamps, and a handful of mountain bikers. Not much wildlife. At some point I said to myself (as I do now and then), If I see a deer, I’ll know my mother is watching over me.

It didn’t seem particularly likely or unlikely, but after an hour-plus, I said outloud, The deer are probably sleeping at this hour.

K turned to agree and spotted — not twenty feet from my right shoulder — a huge, solitary deer.

Can you believe it?

Hi, Mom.

This morning, it was too cold to finish the puzzles outside — even bundled up with blankets and down!

Comfort of cloth and blogs

The fires have pushed me over some internal edge I didn’t know was there. A tough couple of days. This, even as the fires burn 1,000’s of miles away.

It’s cool here. Heating pads, sweaters, slippers, and blankets find their way to the body. I love this time of year.

Inspired by Kamala, I bought some Converse All Stars. My last pair were hot pink. I wore them to a “Firm Picnic” back in the nineties, one of many signs that I didn’t want to belong.

Wednesday: signed up for postcards to Kentucky. Thursday: calls to North Carolina (out of 42 calls — 5 connections and one amazing conversation. Worth it? Hmmm).

But by Friday I felt a whole new level of overwhelm. So distraught I actually couldn’t look at any news.

My brother and his partner, my older son, my niece, K’s brother and his partner and son, all live on the West Coast.

LA, Oakland, and Corvallis.

Grace, Nancy, and Hazel.

Barbara & her entire family, Sherri, Aymee, Dan, Ekin

I found myself wishing it was a week where we only suffered through news about corruption. Election stealing. Punitive prosecutions. The Russians. CDC fact-tampering. Boy oh boy — sickening!

I take refuge in an idiotic and entertaining detective series called, Psyche. Kind of love it, actually. Perfect length. Just enough character development. I laugh out loud several times every episode. Eight seasons are free on Prime.

Editing continues apace and so does the finishing of C’s blanket. The sashing doesn’t line up. My quilting is erratic. Where one might expect rectangles, there are wedges.

But it will be warm. It will hopefully outlast me and give comfort for many years.

“Massachusetts has the highest unemployment rates in the country,” K reading the paper.

Thank you faithful bloggers of the world. Those connections matter. Your posts are another place of refuge. I read daily even if I don’t comment. Thank you!

Squeeze the balloon

Morning Pages on the patio. K reads from the Globe about a Martha’s Vineyard property formerly belonging to Jacqueline Kennedy’s estate. It just sold to a nonprofit for $27MM. Market value was $65MM. Yikes! Between that and the ongoing results of the Maine super spreader event, there is local head wagging news.

Haven’t done Morning Pages consistently for an age. Doing them now. Well, I was.

It’s an example of the ole squeeze the balloon theory on habit. I believe all that editing and rewriting on my Second Draft eclipsed the daily writing routine.

As Katie Porter recently insisted, “Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.”

Do you have any good examples of squeezing the balloon — one elastic section pop out while another compresses?

Paper paper paper and wax

It’s here! (That’s printed back-to-back).

Went to see the rheumatologist yesterday. Depressing. They X-rayed my hands. It’s clear I have OA but do I have EOA? Don’t ask. The two meds she recommended aren’t covered by my insurance (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories with fewer side effects than ibuprofen), but she said to take 3,000 mgs of Tylenol a day. WHAT? Seriously. What? I’ve taken 1,000 a few mornings over the past few weeks. That’s a big step up.

The good news: She prescribed more PT (it always helps) and told me about home paraffin wax machines. I’d never heard of these. Wow! Can you imagine — a hot wax treatment for your hands, especially when the weather gets cold again?

There’s acupuncture and CBD oil to sort, too.

All this stuff.

It doesn’t feel like a holiday weekend. And, I’m starting to prepare myself for Thanksgiving and Christmas without the boys.

William Barr is talking as I type and he DISGUSTS ME.

Captions to pix

Somehow it seems apt that I do not know to whom this watch belonged.

Progress being made. I may outline the house to make it more distinct.

Below are two mosaics of the same three SoulCollage cards picked this morning, cropping make a difference in presentation.

I knew DeJoy would lie and lie but I couldn’t watch. Just didn’t have the stomach, especially after the uplift of the convention.

Enjoy a few memes (below), selected from my twitter feed. How time is sliding by! It’ll be Election Day before we know it.

I love the last one as an example of the good use of periods.