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Fiction answers

1) One novel does not belong, for at least three fairly obvious reasons

Wolf Hall — two hundred years prior to most of these; British as opposed to American history; red book cover

2) Two feature Frederick Douglass as a character

The Good Lord Bird

Trans Atlantic

3) One makes Harriet Tubman a prominent character

The Water Dancer

4) Two books follow John Brown


The Good Lord Bird

5) Two take place during the Civil War


Cold Mountain

6) One makes Walt Whitman a primary character


7) One features larger-than-life slave catchers and takes place around the Chesapeake Bay

Song Yet Sung

8) One novel goes to the Arctic and features balloon travel

Washington Black

9) One has a character who gives birth to her enslaver’s baby

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

10) Another has a main character who is his enslaver’s child

The Water Dancer

11) Two former enslaved characters travel to England

Washington Black

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

12) One freed slave sleeps with her female “employer” and becomes addicted to opium and is accused of murder

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

13) One story includes the beheading of Thomas Moore and stays close to the thoughts of Thomas Cromwell

Wolf Hall

14) One tracks a fugitive slave from South Carolina who escapes north and serves as scribe for the British during the Revolutionary War, earning her freedom

Someone Knows My Name

Saturday, Day 101

Almost exclusively home and dog walking for 101 days. Been to the PO once and yesterday ran through CVS, so I guess I’m living dangerously. Massachusetts is opening but people I know are not planning to eat out any time soon. K isn’t going to go back to the downtown office yet. No reason to, really.

Didn’t have cream cheese for the gluten-free lemon cake or almonds for the almond cake, so I served the birthday girl a watermelon salad.

Does anything scream summer like watermelon, mint, and lime? Maybe corn on the cob and juicy REAL tomatoes.

It was delicious.

We wrote postcards on the deck early because it’ll be ninety in another hour. Birthday girl loves her masks and since I know her well, both of them coordinated with what she was wearing!

Evenings have been quiet. Blessedly so. Haven’t looked up to watch stars come out in ages.

Days? Not so much. In addition to all the usual leaf blowers and wood chippers, the city installed pipes up the hill. The worst part wasn’t the jack hammering, believe it or not, but the trucks beeping down the hill or up the hill. Slowly because of the curve. Endless beeping. In 101 days, I haven’t wanted to leave the house so badly as this week. In a normal summer, I’d take refuge in the library.

It’s okay. I survived.

And look what arrived from Georgia! Thank you Ms. Deb Lacativa. The threads, just gorgeous, I expected. The fabric I did not!

Look how adding just a few pieces of Deb’s amazing fabric enlivens the patchwork!

Basil, potatoes, tomatoes. I’m trying things out. Don’t exactly know what I’m doing and don’t really care. This is only possible because I’m not driving to Salem once a week and trying (and failing, I might add) to detox from ugly sibling-exchanges.

Twitter is blowing up with news about Berman and Barr. Barr, usually so dangerous for dresssing his extremism in pseudo-law, is looking desperate. Sloppy.

SDNY attorney Berman is going full super-hero and refusing to step down until a nominated replacement has been confirmed by the Senate.

This thread hits the highlights:

Short version : he, Barr, might be much more than mere corrupt enabler. Co-conspirator more like.

And just for laughs, this picture (not Oklahoma) above.

I don’t know about you, but watching coverage of the Tulsa trump crowds is like watching a car crash in slow motion where the driver is screaming about his right to die.

My twitter joke was: maybe Oklahoma WILL be a swing state in a few weeks.


Wednesday I will talk for the first time with a professional author consultant about my manuscript. The first 50 pages. And, I have 22 pages left to edit. Editing has mostly been a process of cutting.

There’s been very little visual work going on — for long enough that it feels as though something is missing. The garden looks gorgeous, though.

Yesterday I played with cloth that was next to the couch on the floor. Finished Season 3 of Longmire.

A friend with a huge aloe plant gave me a few pieces yesterday. The mother plant looked like something from a science fiction movie — as if it might lunge and scuttle away.