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Time to Rake

Time to rake. I love raking. At first, anyway.

Yesterday, I stood on a stool and sorted through two big bins of fabric on the wall of shelving in the studio. Made piles for throwaway, I Spy Quilts, baby quilts, upholstery fabric, teeny village geometrics. Some I folded and put back, but in an upright crate this time so that I’ll be able to see what I have at a glance. I was literally flinging fabric in every direction. It will get decidedly more messy down there before it gets tidier, but the sense of progress and movement is heartening.

ADD / Short Person Organizing Tip: If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Neat sliding bins at head level, therefore, might as well be portals to black holes.

Attended a few sessions of the Slave Dwelling Project’s Annual Conference. This week, I’ll jot a few tidbits down for my benefit. For our benefit. But for now, this idea: dispense with the term “Jim Crow.” Jim Crow calls to mind an anodyne minstrel goofing it up for yucks instead of Black bodies hanging from trees and the firebombing of Black neighborhoods. Bryan Stevenson, of the Equal Justice Initiative and the lynching memorial in Montgomery, suggests instead: The Reign of Terror.

K and I went to the farm store in Needham again, even though after the last visit’s shocking tally I swore never to again. He bought bags of apples for his famous crisp. I cannot wait! I picked up some bread, cheese, avocado and peppers. The raspberries cost about 70 cents each. I kid you not!


@@@ Much later.

More flinging and folding and now my feet hurt and I am wiped. Discouraged? I don’t think so.

The good news (is it?) : I found a Costco-produce-sized box one third full of nearly finished quilts or half done quilts or prized components. There were things I really, really liked (like the weavings from Jude’s cloth weaving classes and two vertical compositions). There were also pieces I haven’t the faintest recollection of making.

Okay see ya bye!




Almost October

A little tired and a little discouraged today and I don’t know why.

The business of selling? I’ve been clearing space to shoot photos, compiling stuff that might be sale-worthy, learning how to do this or that online, reviving my Etsy store. Really getting into it. It takes a lot of time. And, historically, it’s not really paid off.

Some store announcement, eh?

I’ve started populating two new Instagram accounts, both devoted to selling. Finished work will be posted to @deemallonquilts.

Supplies of all kinds and vintage notions and bibs and babs will be posted in another account : @fabricforsaleetc

Thank you to those of you who have already followed me there!

The brinkmanship in Washington is also wearying. That might be the sum total of this sag in energy, really. The GOP’s complete and utter lack of interest in governance or the good of the country just astounds me. Seriously baffling. What does Mitch McConnell get out of this, I keep asking myself. He doesn’t need money. He has power, power enough anyway. It’s all so vindictive and hypocritical and destructive and we could call him a petty tyrant and move on if he weren’t toying with all our futures.

There! Yes! That’s absolutely what’s exhausting me.

Pumpkin seeds sautéed in olive oil with cayenne: divine on butternut squash soup. From Globe’s Sunday magazine section

A day to buy pumpkins

Yesterday, the inescapable notion that trump might be President again (I know. I know. You don’t want to hear it. Read this: Kagan WashPo opinion piece). This morning: back pain, fall air — fresh! — and a commitment to buy pumpkins!

This cd represent the mind trying to process the news
This came out from under and is frame worthy

Yesterday I harvested and hung the sage and thyme from the garden. CHECK. And learned how to delete albums on my phone. CHECK. Learned that Instagram reels can only last 30 seconds. OK. And, in posting a quilt to Etsy perhaps decided to stay with that platform a bit longer. CHECK

My Etsy shop name is: clothcompany

Monday 8-23-21

Dreaded start of the week yesterday. What’s THaT about?

A muggy swampy walk with Finn.

And something new/old pinned to the armoire. But it is a writing day. Twenty five pages to go. I think I ought to reward myself with something when I finish this FOURTH EDIT.

What, do you think? A pair of earrings? Ice cream from JP Licks? Oh oh how about a half dozen rose bath bombs?

I’ll let you know.

PS I want to start posting recipes for my boys. So they can find them. Such an endeavor raises those dumb and interfering questions about content and brand and worse, forces me to wonder: what happens to this blog after I’m gone?