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Cleaning digital house

Whew! Closed my website and its attendant email a week or so ago. Never went there. Didn’t maintain. It kind of embarrassed me, honestly

Today, closed my LinkedIn account. Again, didn’t groom or visit, so why hang on?

Today, downloaded eight albums of twenty on Flickr (aka “Fuckr”). I hope to close that account within the week. If you don’t know how Flickr fucked their customers, you’re lucky. Let me just say, it’s a triple whammy.

At midday, backed up my blog. The first time in twelve years.

Look at me go!

Meanwhile, I’ve felt like crying all day. It’s okay. I really don’t mind.

Lots of February birthdays to make cloth gifts for! Mine is tomorrow. I feel like I’m getting a Senate impeachment trial this year. Regardless of outcome, it’ll be pretty satisfying.

* top photo baby blanket for Baby M.

Woven frame surrounds photo of quilt printed on linen — still trying to decide how I’ll highlight the elephant. With embroidery?

Yellow roof house is for a blog friend and bottom pouch with gold edge is for a friend in Florida.

You’ll notice I surrounded half this heart with yellow too. It’s subtle.


My cousin Ginny recently sent me a black and white photo picturing a clan of Mallon’s. I’m still learning who they are.

I combined the mysterious photo with this week’s collage challenge image (#pariscollagecollective): a red paper lantern — and when I did, a series of questions emerged. Who shows up and who disappears with the various filters? What is illuminated and what is hidden? Who else in the family inherited that giant nose? What about those hands? Were the twins separated after their mother’s death given that she died so soon after their birth? Were they okay because they don’t look okay.

Cut and run

I cut this one up. Sliding pieces of it around on the table downstairs yielded nothing of note.

That’s how it goes sometimes.

It’s 18 degrees. I’ll wait a bit to walk until it hits the 20’s.

Best news: my elder son got his first vaccination! None too soon for the numbers in LA County continue to climb to a shocking degree. One in three people are now positive.

My sister in law here in Massachusetts got her first shot too. Such sweet relief! She is a physical therapist who does home visits.

Looks like K and I won’t be in the shot pool until April, May, June. Of course I’m happy not to have comorbidities (or do I? Something to find out), but given that we miss the age cut off by 13 to 17 months, it feels like a long time to wait.

(I’m still on a register of home health aides back from sister-care days and got a text — but it didn’t feel ethical to say yes).

Our governor is taking significant heat for the roll out.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure I should be going to all those doctor visits I’ve lined up. Frustrating. Mammogram can wait. Annual can wait. Cardiologist can’t.

Speaking of hearts — this oldie but goodie got some machine stitching yesterday and I’m thinking of adding some yellow braiding.

Monday after shit show

Good morning! A new week! One in which I shall focus my attention away from the Elise Stefaniks of the world (calling for unity. My gawd) and turn it toward the business of getting on with things closer to home.

Today: a doctor appt scheduled; phone list printed to glue to 2021 calendar (I’m analog that way).

Week 2 image of #pariscollagecollective printed out. Play begun. See below.

It’s the day I clean the downstairs bathroom.

Delivered a late Christmas gift while out with Finn and groceries arriving any minute, so: clean a fridge shelf or two.

Prep for writing session tomorrow. Write. Cut paper and move it around. Make dinner.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Definitely having a better day than this little guy — who might’ve emerged from that pipe. He’s been there for months and I only know about him because of Finn.

PCC Week Two image above prompting questions. Where are you from? Who was your mother’s mother? Has your genetic legacy propelled you or snagged you and where and how and who IS that guy?

And lastly, because we are all learning, and in some arenas with no small sense of urgency, I leave you with a topical new (to me) word learned on Twitter from Ibram X. Kendi.

He referred to trump’s army’s goals as REVANCHIST.

PS I want to emulate Hazel’s blog a little. She does lovely artwork and intersperses them with a little bit of text, so that the text and the paintings resonate off of each other.

PPS I very much relate to the recent mood over on Jude’s blog. A disorientation to time. A wondering about the value of words. The enticing draw of retreat. And yet, another day!