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Twitter curse

Several weeks ago, in an exchange with a friend on Twitter about the effects of climate change, I typed: “We don’t really get rainstorms anymore.”

Well. It’s been pretty nonstop ever since. Go ahead. Blame me.

The intermittent dry days have been lovely, though, and the Northeast really, really needed the rain. On clear days, we open the house. Run the fans.

All pix from the yard.

When I woke at around two last night, I’d been dreaming about Candace Owens. UCk. How random! How indicative of (too much?) time spent on Twitter!

Today I bake a birthday cake. Tomorrow I’ll make chimichurri and we’ll fire up the grill. It’s supposed to clear, so I’m assuming we’ll be able to celebrate outdoors. Hubby catches up to me this weekend. Medicare — here we come!

Sunday, I head back to LA.

Grey day. A short post.

Love this. Can’t even explain why.

Reworking this. Pulled out of a stowed plastic container of half-finished bags this week.

Reading this. And about three other novels and one piece of nonfiction.

Given my size, checking out the elementary school lost and found. It might yield a new hoodie for me.

It’s not often Finn and I meet up with a princess on our walk!

Finished this.

Time to count 5/29/21

1 — one recovery well underway

2 — two dogs; two wheel chairs; two novels being read; number of pairs of pants I thought I left home but had actually stuck in a drawer

3 — three days in California; three slings; three to tango

24– number of hours til I see First Born

Too many to count: stunning plants in the yard; times I wished I hadn’t let ten years go by between visits.

The tawny dog, Lila, is a Carolina dog (mostly), aka American Dingo aka Dixie Dingo. The breed is believed to have come across the Bering Straight eons ago and is nevertheless viewed by some as the only indigenous dog in America.

The “secret garden” is, for now, inaccessible. I took it upon myself to move the guardian dog over to the side of the house where my brother will be able to see it from his beautiful new bathroom.

Proof of introversion and place

Twenty-five minutes after sitting down in 11D, I tug my mask down to sip hot coffee and say to the man seated next to me: “Just so you know, I’m fully vaccinated.”

He replies, “So am I.”

That’s it. Sum total of our exchange. Perfect!

Behind us two former strangers are going on and on (as extroverts do). Lived on the Cape but used to live in Boulder. Red Rocks. Acoustics. Concerts they’ve been to. Concerts they’re going to. Restaurant recommendations. Weather in Wellfleet. Daughters siblings aspirations.

Gratitude of the moment: thank Christ I’m sitting in 11D and not 12D!

* * *

Once on the ground in California, I get a text from husband. Have I landed in LA yet?

“A man wearing flip flops just skateboarded past me, so yeah.” That was IN the terminal, PS.

There are HEdGES of rosemary in Los Angeles! I clipped one out front of my brother’s and brought in two bouquets. Hard to believe that in Massachusetts we can pay $2.99 for three small sprigs.

As I type my hands are redolent with the oils. A nice way to begin the day.