“Create what you need most”

“Create what you need most,” well said by Sabrina Ward Harrison in her Living Project.

So maybe I need baby elephants?

I DO love them.  Or perhaps to draw, since there is always time for that?

And humor.  Who doesn’t need that, especially with the financial fallout from our wreck of a government (glad they can take a vacation, though – surely they’ve earned that!).  THAT’s not the humor, photo below is – pure visual play on my sister’s mantle – cosmic kitty and poodle dancing with Shiva.

The weeks go by in my office without replacing the other paralegal and the work slams on, making me alternately restless, angry, overwhelmed, determined, productive, angry, drained, worried, angry.  At least a new project in the cellar studio takes shape, using woven strips (learned from Jude Hill) and a Winslow Homer watercolor as starting points — providing me with tiny islands of satisfying endeavor (but cannot share more than previous post as it’s a commission).

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