Remind me please!

Remind me, please, of what a cool sanctuary my basement studio is this time of year.  Remind me, please, of how I lose myself there, and how in the losing, find myself drinking from the Deep Well, and am sated.  Remind me, please, to skip the drama of articulating my misery next time (i.e., this time tomorrow when I go into the office — on SUNDAY — to make copies, scans, and collate?!!) and just go straight to Source.  No detours.  No sharing my misery with others (what a nice way to put THAT!).

Tomorrow, I will see Shakespeare in the Park on Boston Common with friends.  With that on the calendar, perhaps the Drudge Monster will not gain purchase.

P.S. I clipped the magazine page ages ago because I fell in love with the composition and colors.  When I saw, today, that it is a Winslow Homer, I thought, “well no wonder I love it!!!”  SOME things in life are constant.

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