Weathering the storm

This little piece came together from thrown off pieces of two larger works-in-progress – during Hurricane Irene.

This scrap collection will be my emblem today — because look how sweet and intact that little house is even though its surround charges with chaos.  I can love this house even though it lists to the side and lacks a single right angle.

I will take time today to notice nature’s grand lack of concern for how neat our houses are, how organized our papers are, how timely our emails are.  I consecrate myself to noticing how lush and full of possibilities my life is.

Even when the winds blow hard enough to bring down power lines and trees, there is a way to find moments of stillness, moments of (and I mean this) perfection.

2 thoughts on “Weathering the storm

    1. sewmanypossibilities

      Power outage and branch down and plans re-arranged a little – nothing major. And, you’re welcome!


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