Cut and run

I cut this one up. Sliding pieces of it around on the table downstairs yielded nothing of note.

That’s how it goes sometimes.

It’s 18 degrees. I’ll wait a bit to walk until it hits the 20’s.

Best news: my elder son got his first vaccination! None too soon for the numbers in LA County continue to climb to a shocking degree. One in three people are now positive.

My sister in law here in Massachusetts got her first shot too. Such sweet relief! She is a physical therapist who does home visits.

Looks like K and I won’t be in the shot pool until April, May, June. Of course I’m happy not to have comorbidities (or do I? Something to find out), but given that we miss the age cut off by 13 to 17 months, it feels like a long time to wait.

(I’m still on a register of home health aides back from sister-care days and got a text — but it didn’t feel ethical to say yes).

Our governor is taking significant heat for the roll out.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure I should be going to all those doctor visits I’ve lined up. Frustrating. Mammogram can wait. Annual can wait. Cardiologist can’t.

Speaking of hearts — this oldie but goodie got some machine stitching yesterday and I’m thinking of adding some yellow braiding.

18 thoughts on “Cut and run

  1. Nancy

    Clocks and braids, eh?! The heart is so colorful, so you! At 66, he tries every morning to get an appointment for his vaccine. Nothing. Every day, they’re booked for the week, no matter what day he tries. So frustrating. I’m in the same tier, with asthma and have not heard from my doctors and haven’t tried yet. It will come.

  2. RainSluice

    waiting, here, too. I’m happy for anyone who is getting the vaccine.
    But hey, I talked to an artist two weeks ago who was getting her shot that Tuesday (she looked about 40, ok maybe 50). She said she checked of the “smoker” box. So, wtf? as a database analyst I decided to check that box – to see if that is valid for say *anyone* like myself say over 60 – and I got nothin’. AND, NOW are we going to have to worry about big corporations getting all their employees vaccinated next, so their employees can be competitive on Wall Street asap? I got not more words left to describe how I’m feeling about that news buzz. I am getting cranky like my mother used to get about politics and yes, her era saw a lot of BS, but what IS this we got now? Her brains would be coming out her ears from anger. I’m much more controlled. lol.

    A yellow braiding sounds perfectly lovely for that piece. xx

    1. deemallon Post author

      The vaccine rollout is showing a lot of the same problems as we have in society. I am trying not to get too antsy about being in the general population tier. It means I’m too young and too healthy to qualify earlier! You, too!

  3. Liz A

    this is the first time I noticed your fishy clock … wonderful … likewise the long-leggedy mouse lady in the window made me smile

    our excellent Texas House rep notified us of a vaccine portal that was opening for 1,950 county residents … all the slots were taken within 25 minutes … we persisted through multiple website freezes and deadends … and got appointments for today …

  4. Acey

    was wondering if the clock came along as a tribute to the boys. A yellow braid sounds like a really nice zing of a finishing touch for your lovely piece. thought of you as I wrote and scheduled the next prompt with the energy of the coming full moon in leo in mind. Was imagining you might make something rather glorious of and from it.

    meant the prompt. but of course, more generally, the moon’s impending fullness in that sign also seems like an awesomely auspicious time to pull some creative stops out.

    1. deemallon Post author

      The clock was a bday gift to my husband from my mother and me before the boys were born. But how right you are to notice its Piscean cast. I’m glad you extended the time for the work on yellow. I have been “off” with cloth for weeks and a little dejected waiting to hear from the editor I hired.


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