Back at it

The amount of psychic energy required to finish my manuscript and begin the querying process was substantial but also invisible. It really tanked my cloth and collage work. I kept thinking something was wrong, but nothing’s wrong.

Spring brings with it a rising energy. This year I plan to ride that wave with attention to finishing. Finish. Finish. Finish.

Oh, and I plan on starting things too. I’m seesawing between two possible topics for a new novel. Many pages already written. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be contemporary. Enough with parlors and drays, small pox and reticules. You won’t hear a specific thing about it til it’s done this time (she said).

I’ve become a ridiculous puzzle hound. Jigsaw puzzles. Wordle AND quordle. Daily NYTimes crossword puzzle and Spelling Bee. Every day!

Enough. I’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors.

I’ll be binding quilts.

I’ll be reading.

Kimono House #1
Kimono House #2
Adding houses to old butterfly quilt; small simple collage printed on fabric to the left

23 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Marti

    I could “live” in your puzzle, especially the pieces with The Doors and Marvin Gaye. Takes me right back to when I was, as my British son-in-law would say, “A bit of all right!”.

    See in 1967, I was 20 yrs old and caught the eye of Jim Morrison and The Doors. They had recorded a live album at a nightclub in San Francisco called The Matrix. The album was recorded the first week in March of 1967. I was in college and on spring break, went with a date, at the end of March, to The Matrix where The Doors were performing. Jim Morrison and The Doors came on and I was in another world: He was unlike anyone I had ever seen- angelic in face, the devil in body and pure sex in leather pants. When they did the long version of Light My Fire, boy did they light my fire, I got up and danced all over the place and maybe, that’s what caught his eye…I don’t know but during the intermission, he came over to our table and said,” Hi I’m Jim and you have beautiful eyes”. Well, I practically slid out of my chair… My date was less than thrilled and after Jim returned to the stage, my date Tom said that it was time to go…so we did BUT I often wonder what would have happened if I had stayed…

    And that is my brief but spectacular 15 minutes of fame. At the age of 74, I can go back to that night and relive the whole experience and I often do. I put on Light My Fire and dance away and I am 20 yrs old again and “a bit of all right!”.

  2. Laura

    How funny! I have been thinking about the Doors, Jim M., and have been listening to The Crystal Ship! Those were the days, huh? And we thought those were tumultuous…sigh. That little tiny piece of your puzzle photo!
    Love your quilt. Back to Rachel Maddow (PDT here).

  3. Nancy

    Dee~ Haha…yeah her intros can get a bit long! That puzzle is crazy! I love puzzles too. In high school I saw an all white puzzle in a catalog and always wished I had bought it. I’ve never seen one again. PAUSE.
    Oh look, that was easy! Bless the internet in moments like this! lol

    I like that Kimono fabric and the red of course.
    Be well

  4. Marti

    Came back because what I wanted to say about your cloth work, vanished, when I saw your puzzle !

    I marvel at the many shapes, colors, patterns and how intricately you place them on your quilts. To be able to create in this way is stunning. I have to make special note of the cloth piece in the first photo, right above your pinkie, below the blue piece…how it speaks to me of the earth, the striations, the soft amber glowing earth tones…a revelation among the more patterned pieces and in total, a cosmos of wonder and delight.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I love that cloth too. I counted — there are nine garments in here, two Deb Lacativa pieces, one thread crumb moon, and other gifts.

  5. Liz A

    Well, I’m leaving comments scattered all over the place, what fun …

    Dee, your house quilts are like no one else’s … the mix of patterns and colors, the rooflines, the composition, the piecing, the hand quilting … inimitable … and what a stash!

  6. Liz A

    “Twice or more” is in reference to Rachel Maddow, but somehow my reply didn’t stay put!

    “20 in San Francisco” is all about Marti!

  7. roxanne reynolds

    as much as i love word puzzles, i can’t get into Spelling Bee. i much prefer the UK version called Word Wheel. there’s no time limit. most importantly, there are NINE letters and you can’t arbitrarily repeat a letter. the puzzle tells you how many words they came up with so you know what you’re shooting for. and of course, there’s always a nine letter word. much more challenging.

  8. Saskia van Herwaarden

    I would recognise your quilts anywhere Dee, I just love your daring combinations! and I love that bottom left collage House floating on Clouds. I enjoy the odd puzzle or two, ha, in fact I’m addicted to them…..partly because it’s something I do manage to finish…..hope you get to finishing your pieces Dee; if I’m at my wit’s end, i.e. stuck in a piece, I tend towards radicalism: cut cut away and reshape re-paint et cetera

  9. Saskia van Herwaarden

    that might have been an interesting story Marti, then again, we still would not have known as you probably would not be here!

    I sometimes wonder what would have happened if my husband and I had not accidentally bumped into each other and started kissing all those years ago…..


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