“If you’re going to use color, the circus is not enough” K Fassett

Kaffee Fassett talking about painting, knitting, fabric, and color. It’s wonderful! HE’S wonderful! What a kind and lively face he has!

I have long been a fan. His wildly patterned and vibrantly colored  textiles are right up my alley. They make me want to buy them all.

His cloth is so outstanding, that if you were to make a quilt consisting solely of his prints, IT would be outstanding. In fact, it’s such a guarantee for “spectacular”, that these quilts fail to impress (feeling like cheaters, somehow). 

I had forgotten until seeing the clip that two fabrics I am including in the Middle Passage quilts are his.   Can you guess which two? Actually, I see another. Make that three.    

This is the vertical Middle Passage quilt. Two Fassett prints in this close up.   

7 thoughts on ““If you’re going to use color, the circus is not enough” K Fassett

  1. fiberels

    Well Dee, your circus is pretty bright πŸ˜‰
    I like it very much
    Thanks for the link …. always good to see/hear the master
    (big fan too πŸ˜‰ !)

  2. Jenny M

    Thank you for the link ~ I was able to attend a talk, here in Melbourne, when Kaffe came out to Australia a few years ago. He just radiates joy in making and his life story is so interesting. Then once again I hit the jackpot when visiting our daughter in the UK, there was an exhibition in London of Kaffe’s quilts, tapestries, and knitwear, what an explosion of colour that exhibition was!


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