Six at a time

Six of the teeny scrap rectangles (above) surround by pale green print (below) are attached and mated with batting and a pale blue backing fabric. Last night, in spite of a little bit of dread, I started quilting through all three layers. It’ll be fine. Square by square. No hoop. For weeks in the evening, I’ve been selecting a skein of floss and using it up — stitching open the little seams of the unbacked sections — going square by square until the thread was gone.  It’s not that different with all the layers.  I’ll need at least nine sets of six. As long as I can tolerate the mess in the living room, I can take my time. 

2 thoughts on “Six at a time

  1. Victoria

    Dee, I have been so remiss in all blog reading, and just catching up on some of your posts. If time allowed and I could comment on them all I would, but I can’t, so I will just say here that your art, your openness, your honesty, your humor, everything you share… all of it… I just adore. I think you are awesome! xoxo

    1. deemallon

      Oh my what a nice comment to read! Thanks Victoria. I don’t keep up with my online circle of friends either. It is hard to do but also hard to feel okay about not doing. It is one of the dilemmas of having an online community, I think. Instagram has been liberating for obvious reasons.


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