Potato rice soup

By the time we turn the clocks back and it’s dark at 3:45, I will be semi-hibernating. This soup is perfect preparation.

This recipe is courtesy of Lidia Bastianach (of PBS fame). Quick, simple and really tasty!
img_6929A lot happening here, but most lies beyond the pale of my blogging. Writing progresses. Care giving goes on (and on).

The campaign continues to occupy and discourage and disorient. Fear whispers over my shoulder. The vitriol. The hate. The incitement to violence. Where will it all go, come November 9?

After the release of the pussy-grabbing tape, I had one of my Male Intruder dreams — a distress that belongs squarely in that orange-haired lunatic’s lap (oh gross. never mind). I used to have some variation of this dream frequently — sometimes as much as two or three times a week.

(The dream:  He has a rifle. He’s in my house. He wants to kill me and he would have but I wake).

But to be clear, it is Trump’s allegiance to delusion and his pervasive, unstoppable lying that terrify me the most. It’s unbelievable how he makes shit up. It’s equally unbelievable how his followers just eat it all up. What has happened here? Is there any going back?

Thank goodness beauty can’t hear him. Thank goodness fall offers her gifts without regard to politics. One spectacular day follows another.

11 thoughts on “Potato rice soup

  1. Michelle in NYC

    Middle of the night waking…and if it were already November 6th I’d be right on time for predawn :–> I love the soup ingredients though I’d have to leave out all the beloved vegies in favor of just the tomato paste, rice and potatoes on my new no fiber diet regime (managing collagenous collitis well with no medication at all). I’ve been semi-hibernating for weeks now…one outing a day at most and sometimes none. I think the electoral ugly has got me down, plus the nonstop construction all over town with the attendant disappearances of all the known shops and little buildings, the speed of things, and the relentless unconsciousness of crowds all looking down at their devices, walking around in their private bubbles. But when i do go out into the parks or anywhere with some nature still in evidence, I’m instantly grateful for Fall. Right now we are having another Indian Summer here in NYC so windows can be opened and coats abandoned. Your photographs are lovelyl

  2. deemallon Post author

    it’s probably not great for you to be padding about at all hours, but there is something comforting about you coming here during that wakefulness. sorry to hear about the no-fiber but how great to deal with a chronic condition without meds! I don’t know anyone who had not been discouraged (to put it lightly) but the campaign. it’s like a car wreck, I want to move along but I can’t look away either. Enjoy the heat — it’s going to crack 80 here today!

    1. deemallon Post author

      yes. yes. and because it’s all so unprecedented, good polls don’t seem to guarantee anything. another wretched debate tonight. I’ll be watching!

  3. maggros

    How stupid a question for the propoganda machine to pose to any emotionally unstable person (let alone this public figure with his angry and armed followers): “Will you accept the results of the election?” THAT is what instills fear and incites violence IMHO. I think that is as bad as giving a two year old a whole chocolate cake – a two year old whom you know is allergic to chocolate – and “wondering” how they will react. The national/mass news media is irresponsible, unprofessional, and ultimately abusive in their relentless maniplation of The Message that results in confusing open ended answers, leaving all of us less truly informed and hypervigilant. It is absolutely horrifying.

    1. deemallon Post author

      So many are calling that position “disqualifying”. Of course his surrogates say he won. Apparently being composed while you lie your ass off, when you’re Donald Trump, constitutes a huge success.

  4. maggros

    And, by the way, thank you Dee for flooding my brain with the beauty of nature as the perfect antedote to the state of our civilization – I am grateful to you and the great spirit and comfort you evoke with your images. Nightmares do process our fears, don’t they? I wish I knew more.

  5. deemallon Post author

    I offered the dream as a personal confirmation about the now well known discombobulating (and even traumatic) effect of Trump’s lying and tyranny.

  6. saskia

    what a comforting post, although disturbing in a thoughtful way; in spite of electoral distractions/debates/stupidity, the mind-boggling deliberate choice of so many to remain ignorant…..it’s literally heart-warming to wander into posts such as this one Dee, to know you are out there, sharing the beauty

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Saskia. And it is equally the case that it matters when readers like you show up and take the time to connect.


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