Festive salad and Salem visit

Lost my mojo. In fact, the campaign and election were disturbing enough to convert me from a “woman who yells” to one who cries. I still feel off, but miss my blog peeps, so here I am with a modest offering of food. This delicious winter salad has four ingredients: romaine, slivered radicchio, thin-sliced red onion, and pomegranate seeds. Topped with a mustard/garlic vinaigrette on the tangy side. The red bits look festive, don’t you think?

Good thing it was tasty because for some reason the frittata bombed. Came out like a rubber mat with inclusions of goat cheese. Seriously.

C acted the good sport and came to Salem with me today. Removed a cruddy rug. Got the AC unit down to the basement. Moved the bed and the exercise machine. We shopped for food and wine. Pictures were hung, curtains put up, and a few decorations fetched from storage.

This was AFTER C. bagged up another five bags of leaves for the neighbor who hired him, making a total of 28. Whew! It was the last leaf pick up in our town. On our side of the fence, it went pretty painlessly. The guy I thought I hired never showed and I’m glad because being outside and raking was one of the sanest and most grounding activities of the last few weeks.

9 thoughts on “Festive salad and Salem visit

  1. Anonymous

    Glory be! I can easily comment!!! Festive salad looks enticingly simple. Did you pretreat the red onions or add them naked and raw? Goat cheese is tricky, especially in a frittata. As is life around the holidays. Kudos to C for joining you in your very productive sounding trip to Salem. Wishing you two, could whiz down to florida with all that good cheer and effort. You miss your blog peeps, I miss you! As a woman who almost never yells, I wonder if I left my tears at your home. So many reasons to shed them, yet they rarely appear. ON a positive note, many reasons to celebrate stepping off from the edge of the cliff. Wondering, which direction will I face with joy, faith and hope as we enter a new year. Big hug and huge love I’m sending to you, Dee.

      1. deemallon Post author

        I knew it was you immediately. I did not soak the onions first but was sure to slice them very very thin. You may have left your tears in Massachusetts but I’m certain these are mine. Either mine or all of ours. Glad to hear about progress moving away from precipice. The new year is certain to bring changes and I do wonder how you, how I, how others, will meet the facts of our lives with energy and resolve.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Hi Mo. Can’t wait to catch up over on your blog. I did see all the pix of your incredible three week show. But it’s been a while….


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