A crowd gathering on the mantel

These creations have a way of taking over. Are they gifts? One or two. Do I plan to sell them any time soon? Nah. Never mind — they demand to be made.

I machine stitched that pink and white kitty head and soft mauve body (below). She’s going to be a gift for the girl I babysit one day a week. I love that her ears are different colors and that her face has that triangle of pink. Soft, old wools help. I was hoping she would wear that pink satin skirt (to the right), but she has other ideas. More sporty.

Today we went to a Big Box store primarily to buy nuts for baking (yes! Christmas IS happening) and (somehow) managed to buy $450 worth of other stuff while we were at it (not counting booze).

A case of wine and bourbon fell out of the hatchback and landed on my foot in the parking lot. Incredibly, five bottles survived the crash and luckily, one of them was the bourbon. Ironically, fifty dollars worth of wine met the pavement while I was making sure they hadn’t overcharged us $16 on a package of meat (still agog at the $500 total. I mean, seriously — batteries, men’s shirts, and frozen shrimp notwithstanding).

Last weekend, we gathered with K’s cousins. It was a surprise birthday party for two 60 year olds. Yes, it’s come to this — gag gifts for extra hair and bad joints, jokes about Medicare, and actually wanting to be in bed by nine. Here’s C with H. She moved to the West Coast at the end of the summer and C is moving there at month’s end.

Everything will be LESS this year. Less cookies. Less shopping. I may not even bring in the nutcracker collection this year. Fortunately I gave up card writing more than ten years ago.

This doll no longer looks quite so forlorn. I added more hair, closed up the sides of her head, hemmed her cowl. She’s being shaped and auditioned on a bottle, with a chop stick for stability. I am considering keeping the bottle, instead of creating a cloth body with gravel at bottom for ballast the way I usually do. These are not kids’ toys, after all.

These two felt doggies (below) are whispering behind the curtain. I’d love to know what they’re so giddy about.

I gave the Red Bell Pup to my sister on Wednesday. Her cat may think it’s for her.

Tomorrow, we get our tree. “Less” will govern there as well. We have high ceilings and have typically had gorgeous 8-9 footers gracing our living room. Not this year. I’m thinking small — not table top small, but maybe six feet, max. It’s not just that I continue to feel done in, anxious, and lost. It’s that LESS truly feels like enough.

19 thoughts on “A crowd gathering on the mantel

  1. Mo Crow

    I love the Silly Season & this post is full of the Impossibly Mad Muchness of it all, hope you had a medicinal nip (or two) of bourbon for the foot!

  2. ravenandsparrow

    Ow, alcohol injuries…There seems to be many interesting figures and assemblages emerging amongst my blog friends. Its like new beings are materializing out of the ether.

    1. deemallon Post author

      well and most alcohol injuries are from imbibing… my brother the ER doc will tell you that a big number of ER visits are alcohol related (even if they don’t present that way)… as for the critters ’round the web, just beginning to make the rounds again. can’t wait to see.

    1. deemallon Post author

      my toe feels a lot better today, tho I’m nervous about stubbing it. and yeah, I thought the floppy sad girl said it pretty well.

  3. Liz A

    Okay, I’m thinking it’s a good thing I don’t have a box store membership … in more ways than one! (ouch)

    As for all the great pix, my favorite is the moon framed in your window. A beautiful set piece!

    1. deemallon Post author

      it seems like every fricking time we go to this place, it’s time for a membership fee. maybe it’s time to let it go? I love the moon out the bathroom window, too.

  4. Anonymous

    love your beings; they do have a mind of their own, what outfit did she end up choosing?

    hope your foot is better! sounds like you have christmas sorted……

  5. maggros

    So glad to see you celebrating! I’m on the edge of considering the beginning of decorations. You are well over the top already and its beautiful to see… particularly both the pretend and real 🙂 except for the hurt foot of course. And where’s Finn? Love and Peace to all!

    1. deemallon Post author

      It’s been a slow turning to the holidays this year though also a resting in ritual. The comfort of that. But shopping ordering spending? Not so much.


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