When all else fails, rearrange the furniture

Yesterday, I had some prep to do for a new write-session starting this morning. I also had promised myself that I would — finally — write an Author’s Bio. So what did I do? I rearranged the furniture in my study.

Some iterations ago

Honestly, it felt great. The space is renewed and so am I! It makes a difference to touch and move things that have been static. But, you know that.

Moved SC research & put writing books here instead.
Piled up old travel & garden books & made space for historic fiction

Many of the books to be given away were given to me when someone else moved and have not been looked at. I mean, not even once. Those were the easy books to put on the Out-the-Door pile. Travel guides, too, especially because they’re twenty plus years old.

Today’s incarnation
Placed a photo of my ancestors here

Later I’ll come back and pin point the attributes to Mo, Grace, Maggie, Jude, Michelle, Natalie. Gotta fly!

9 thoughts on “When all else fails, rearrange the furniture

  1. Liz A

    love your copper clock and the green lamp … and of course, tipping my head sideways to read the book titles (Writing Alone sitting next to Writing Down the Bones is a great pairing … have you read NG’s Living Color?)

    playing in that space, moving things around, weeding your book collection (giving yourself a chance to smile over the ones you keep) … all sounds like much more fun than writing an author bio


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