12 thoughts on “Kids, beware!

  1. Marti

    As Halloween comes near, you can hear me going about cackling, “something wicked this way comes” (witches refrain from Macbeth) I like witches, think some are in my bloodline…

    When I used to decorate for Halloween, I always had huge corn stalks and a little stool by our front door. Sitting on the stool was a witch that I created out of an old long sleeved black dress. She had red and white stocking legs with curled up shoe made from black garbage bags, I used cardboard to make the shapes of the shoes; a pointy witches hat sat on her shoulders but where was her head…? Well one of her arms (long sleeves stuffed with straw) held her head which was made out of a pumpkin. Loads of green yarn with a few tufts of corn silk became her hair, I drew on her evil eyes, bat wing eyebrows, used real red lipstick to create her bloody mouth and the best bit was a long green chile pepper for her nose topped with a raisin to mimic a wart!

    This year, I am not willing to open the door to trick or treaters ; yesterday New Mexico had over 1,000 covid cases and 14 deaths… Still this new neighborhood has a lot of kids and I want them to enjoy some treats if they are out and about on Halloween. To that end, I have created a little sign that I will place on an outdoor table with a basket of bagged treats. I found a marvelous clip art witch, green gown, red hair, jaunty witches hat stirring a black cauldron loaded with green foamy broth, wicked eyeballs and squirmy things poking out of the rim. I wrote a little ditty that says:

    “Witches, ghosts and bats are out tonight…
    Here come trick or treaters, a scary sight!.
    Goblin wishes that you all have safe and spooky fun,
    Enjoy this treat, please take one.

    Happy Halloween”

    We will see how this goes…!


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