Honey I’ve Shrunk!

I’ve lost half an inch — which means the next time I lose half an inch, I’ll be 4’11” and a half. I know it’s indicative of spine deterioration, aging, blah, blah, but I also find it funny. FOUR-ELEVEN and a HALF — REALLY? (I’m looking at you, Dottie!)

At my annual yesterday, my PCP managed to be efficient and personable at the same time. I got to air my concerns. She referenced reports from specialists and reviewed them for both of us. She even asked after the boys.

Are you lucky enough to have a doctor that gives you enough time?

In other news, this week’s Paris Collage Collective double image is dedicated to Tommy Tuberville who recently announced that white nationalists are Americans and not racists. He has since walked this back.

I agree with the commentator who said it was hard to tell if the man is more racist than stupid or more stupid than racist. And then there’s this:

Paris Collage Club — this week’s image

The printer is working again, so there will be paper variations this week.

14 thoughts on “Honey I’ve Shrunk!

  1. Jen

    Tommy Tupperware is a scourge. The only reason he got elected is becuz he was a damned football coach, who won for two reasons; GOP and name recognition.
    I for one do NOT live where I do for the political leaning of this state.
    Ugh Ugh Ugh

    And, yes, I’ve shrunk, too.

  2. deb

    You know I zoomed in on the label of that white sheet trying to read what it was besides gorgeous and ready for dyeing. TT needs to be lit on fire.

  3. Marti

    A floating white sheet
    Lovely to view, but underneath
    A mean, racist heart…

    Used to be 5’3″, now about 5’1.”. Grand-kids used to delight in measuring themselves against me. Latest phone call this week from my 14 yr old twin grand-kids revealed that granddaughter is now 5’7″ and grandson is 5’11”. He laughed and said the next time we are together, no need to measure himself against me, he would just pick me up and carry me…cheeky lad!


  4. Liz A

    Just had my annual this week … I much prefer my nurse practitioner to my doc, who usually spends half of the appointment talking about Don … my dentist does the same thing … I asked Don if they ever talk about me … he looked puzzled … oy

    They didn’t check my height … I think I’d rather not know

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’m confused? The only suggestion of fire is in the image with the cross and there the reference is to the KKK’s practice of terrorizing Black people by burning crosses on their lawns.

  5. Stephanie

    Hi Dee. I meant/thought I was replying directly to Deb’s comment that “TT needs to be lit on fire.” Deplorable as TT’s remarks have been, I don’t believe another violent image is a step in the right direction or solution to the fundamental problem.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Oh now I understand. My blogging app on my phone spits up one comment at a time and I rarely go to my laptop to take a look at the sequences. I agree with you. Totally. I also think being angry and hyperbolic is okay, especially here where it will (presumably) have no impact on anyone’s behavior.


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