Nine years ago

Yesterday, someone left a comment on another YouTube video I made (once upon a time) and it led me here.

The video shows the background-audition process for a small row of connected felt houses. It reminds me of how much I (used to?) enjoy this stuff. Well, I still enjoy it but watching this made me feel like something’s been lost.

The video also offers up the impressions of being in Colorado for a college tour when we heard the news about the Boston bombing. There are images of the fretful travel home, too.

I’m posting it here because I don’t really spend time over at YouTube. It’s a little over three minutes long.

* the Marathon Bombing was ten years ago. The video nine years ago.

** 2013 was when I signed up for twitter. My son’s updates showed that it was generally 30 – 60 minutes ahead of the news cycle. I guess ten years was a pretty good run for a richly diverse and reliable news/opinion platform.

7 thoughts on “Nine years ago

  1. Nancy

    Such a powerful and yet, still beautiful video Dee. Your art life and Life making the journey together. Thank you for sharing it here.
    I think that something lost, a melancholy of sorts (for me) has to do with aging…youth sliding away…things that were or could have been…the future of unknowns creeping up. A precarious time we live in added to all that normally takes place in women of a certain age.
    Love to you.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Hi Nancy. I think aging plays a role and the wildly sick politics of our time. Climate crisis. More personally though I think I shifted to writing more and got away at the same time from working in the cellar where I have so many fabric choices. Not so up here.

  2. Marti

    “Walk on flowers…walk on stone, one day I shall be home…”

    How the image of home holds deep, how we turn to our safe place, our shelter, our haven and how your many cloth houses fill me with a sense of neighborhood, a community…what does community mean these days?

    This morning, I reached for a very old dyed scrap, a small tea dyed scrap over 11 or 12 yrs old from when I lived in TN: It has an outline of a tin can lid and I held it and took a sharpie outlining the orb shape and then I drew lines within the orb…why? I don’t know except it has to do with mending, healing. Picked up and threaded strands of Deb L’s wild and wondrous blue green and yellow thread and I began to stitch the outline and will fill it in… and it is becoming a world, our world, and I am mending it or maybe, simply mending myself…

    1. deemallon Post author

      Cloth that carries the impress of a former home being stitched in a new home spells all kinds of integration and healing. Thank you for sharing. I could very much picture this.


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