Water and sky

Hot and muggy here and a sky blotted by smoke.

Hard to complain (I’m not really) with what’s going on elsewhere. I just moderate like mad — two blocks with Finn instead of the usual two plus miles. No gardening. AC is heaven.

Tomorrow we go to the beach in Rockport and a new person comes to stay with Finn. I’m so glad! It means we’re not dropping him somewhere. Five days. I plan to shimmy my fat ass into a bathing suit and get in the water. Eat fried clams. Read. That’s about it, really.

All the rain has been wonderful for the garden.

Not so idyllic in my town, however. There was ANOTHER murder in Newton yesterday. Gawd. Domestic abuse. Man beat his wife to death with a baseball bat in front of their kids. “Dad stop! You’re killing her!” The TRO hadn’t been served (and really, even if it had?)

Three weeks ago, three people were knifed to death across town. Two had just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. A man with a grudge off his meds?

What is happening?

And that case in Long Island? Holy shit!

And, just because I need to delete a few screen shots from my phone, here’s a good one.

11 thoughts on “Water and sky

  1. Ginny

    Have a wonderful vacation! Enjoy the beach. I went last week to Robert Moses/Fire Island and the water was walk in perfect. I hope the same by you.

    And the murders are out of control. People are losing their minds. Some guy on a moped drove around queens last week shooting at random people.

    And making it sooo easy to get guys is so damn stupid.

    And this serial killer, holy crow. He had an arsenal. I knew there would be the 6 degrees of separation if only because everyone from Queens moved to Massapequa/Massapequa Park/Amityville in the 80s and 90s. I knew I would know someone who knew him.

    He went to school with Artie’s cousins and was a weirdo kid back then. Bullied yes but probably already a Serial Killer in the making. So effing creepy.

    I know, met, have come too close to too many killers in my own lifetime. Yikes! Makes me almost wanna get a gun too (kidding). Anyway stay cool! Enjoy the sun and sand and clams and lobsters!

    1. deemallon Post author

      The reporting on the serial killer seems split between comments like yours — people who’d cross the street, found him creepy — and people who thought he seemed normal. The thought of those bodies in the sand. Ugh.

      The weather might not be ideal this week but I don’t even care. I haven’t been swimming ONCE yet this year.

  2. Ginny

    PS did you always have a wooden chair in your yard? I have had them as plant stands in mine since moving to LI. The neighbors probably think I’m nuts but I love old weather beaten chairs. Maybe a Mallon thing?

    1. deemallon Post author

      Do you mean the Adirondack chairs? Ours unfortunately are plastic. Two were garbage picks and two we got at Home Depot. I find them really comfortable because they’re low to the ground.

  3. Tina

    Hoping Finn likes his new person and that you got to enjoy every minute of you get away! Time with my family in Canada was fantastic!!


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