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Days, days, days…

Whipping by.  Turning into weeks.  Months.  I haven’t been swimming yet this summer.  Blazing hot, here in the Northeast.  Thank god for AC.  A time to not-mind-so-much having a job indoors all day long.

We celebrated K’s birthday three times because of the comings and goings in our household.

Two round trips to Pennsylvania with a weekend inbetween.  I promised I wouldn’t gripe if D. came home in one piece — and he did.

Most of the pictures I took were while going between 40 and 60 m.p.h.  Most of them too blurry to bother with.

The last hour and a half of the drive to Woodward is very pretty — full of scenes like this one.

Lewisburg was having a street festival the night prior to pick up.

Lots of people were out and about and I saw fireflies and toads for the first time in many, many years.  Why are there no fireflies or toads around here?!!

Not much shade at Woodward.

Shot of  ‘the ghetto’.  D. was up the hill in a much better cabin this year.

Warm light and warm decor at Elizabeth’s, in Lewisburg.  A nice treat.

Late Feb Mosaic

1. Slip stitch pattern, prior to blocking, 2. travellers palm, 3. hairpin banksia, 4. JunkerJane Textile Art, 5. objectart 1/ emotion, 6. detail 3, 7. painted wall sign, 8. journey cloth_15, 9. Sleepers, Awake (detail), 10. Yawn… Maddie and Harry…, 11. Blue angel, 12. School Days, 13. Jane Austen – structural experiments – detail, 14. Synthesis #21, 15. Books, 16. Alger. Casbah, 17. Blown up., 18. House nestled in Vineyard, Fall Nature in Germany, 19. The Flying dog – The strange case of the dog who jumped over his shadow, 20. Work Quilt #3 – Detail

Grey Sunday outside of Boston has me choosing a mix of hot oranges and cool blues…. enjoy.

Canada’s hockey team just scored again — I’d better go watch!