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glassball-deemallonThe leaf blowers blow. The dog goes nuts seeing another dog. My sister announces she is going back to bed. Twitter turns unbearable. Coffee cools and I need to get going.

But before I head to Salem, I just want to say THANK YOU to all the readers of this blog and those of you producing your own work and posts because I am so, so grateful for this circle… how it holds me, informs me, and helps me to grow. This community stretches across national boundaries and feels particularly worthy when the world reveals how fragile and fraught with hate it is. 

I wish my pace and rhythm here were more sustained, but — you know — stuff keeps getting in the way. Happily, one of the things taking my attention right now is reading through the 400+ pages that I’ve written over the last three years for my fiction project (single spaced!!). Someone said (Natalie Goldberg?) that when she gets a student writing a novel she just wishes them a good journey, because it is like sailing out into the wide, wide ocean alone. Yes. And seeing two binders full of printed pages has provided an island for me to step on for the moment. I can turn and see where I’ve been and I have a little less panic about getting back in the boat and continuing toward the far shore.  

Joy — kickstarter campaign 103% funded in two days!!

14" x 14", 2002 or 2003

14″ x 14″, 2002 or 2003


I am 91% funded!!!  Make that over goal.  By the afternoon, I hit 103% funded!!

This is me jumping for joy (actually, it’s Cary, about 12 years ago) — but you get the idea.  Thank you Thank you Thank you — to all of you who have contributed to my kickstarter campaign. It is remarkable to feel this support pouring in!

Do you know that Sea Island Indigo will be using indigo with provenance dating back to Eliza Lucas Pinckney’s day?!!  How cool would that be — to actually work with plants that are connected genetically to the 1740’s?

My going to this workshop feels almost as fortuitous as Eliza studying at a boarding school in England that was gifted a greenhouse when the childless next-door neighbor died.  I look at that stroke of fortune and wonder, how much flowed from that — for surely she must have discovered her love of horticulture then.
tugged-on-the-lineI just revised the campaign and it is much better now — more about my project and why the trip would be a boon, and a little less about the indigo workshop itself.  Even if you’ve been, take a second look.

Thank you, Jude, for putting me on your sidebar.  The metrics of my site show me where the donors are coming from — and your link matters (of course it matters!)

This whole process has been kind of unbelievable to me.

Thank you. Thank you.

Ken and I are heading up to Salem today.  It promises to be cooler than yesterday, which is good, because we will be rearranging furniture (among other things) at my sister’s. I am disappointed that I managed to visit Salem almost every week during the Peabody Museum’s Turner exhibit and missed it.

But with this kickstarter news, I won’t be feeling that disappointment for long!