Gratitude List


A week’s worth of Gratitude Lists
(from one of my many notebooks!)

I am grateful for:
pajamas, bubbly water, a good book, Monday mornings, sleep, coffee
blankets, work in the house, food in the fridge, wool sweaters & scarves, Jack, fabric
hot water, cashmere, wool, humor, this page, face creme, C’s track success and Ken’s ability to share in it, coffee
books that challenge me (“The Smoke Tree”) and books that don’t, Saturdays on a 3-day weekend
my two Berninas, email, offers for D. to snowboard, coffee, Sundays, eye glasses, Billy
Jack’s company, Ken’s shoveling, clean bathrooms, Obama, ice water, our collective hope, pride
& the democratic process
popcorn, this page, soup, the thought of a bath, the bath itself, canned peaches
a breakfast invitation, quiet, an iron that works, a grocery shop done, sunshine, Jack

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