Show is hung!


About 15 quilts of mine are hanging at The Arsenal Center for the Arts through April 15.  Here are two friends at the reception.


It was great to see my work hung in gallery space, especially the big pieces.


This large quilt was made right after the Indonesian Tsunami, but was never finished because it got buried under fabric in my studio (a quilt acting like what it represents?!).  I used a lot of batiks and Indonesian fabrics, and though you can’t see in this picture, there are butterfly prints incorporated in the great sliding movement in the lower third, as well as traveling up toward the top edge, representing the departing souls.  There was, in fact, a full moon on December 26, 2004, a fact I discovered when I made this smaller tsunami quilt for a silent auction.


Tomorrow, I’ll post last week’s Journal Quilts (there are two!)

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