Birthday Buns


The title made you wonder, didn’t it?!!  No, this is very innocent, and briefly delicious.

For Danny’s birthday on Monday, I made cinnamon buns Sunday night.  They were delicious Sunday, puffy, light, gooey with glaze and sugary cinnamon, but sadly, overnight turned into rock-like lumps.

Dan is officially a teenager now.

In a week, we go through —

  • 3-4 gallons of milk
  • 3 half gallons of OJ, plus another fruit juice
  • a container of two of ice cream
  • a couple of boxes of cereal
  • many pounds of chicken, beef, and fish (combined)
  • 2 dozen eggs

The refrain, “Mom, I’m hungry!” can often be heard!

I’m sorry (in a way) that gas prices came down, because it took the heat off of the push for sustainable technologies and fuels.  But, when it comes to buying the groceries each week, I am certainly glad!!

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