Two more journal quilts

about 8" x 6"

about 8" x 6"

I strive to avoid making quilts that look like potholders, but this one celebrates its potholderiness.  Check out the vintage fabric that says (in lovely pink script, of course) “the way to a man’s heart”, along with little icons of kitchens and hearths.

The seated figure, next to her lovely bird cage, looks well-groomed and cheerful — two qualities I could use a little more of!

This potholder of a Journal Quilt extended the work begun in the ‘Small Town’ class, and even uses a few pieced elements originally intended for that quilt (which is nearly done).  I really love the combination of soft browns, greens and pink.


Leaf Journal Quilt from the week before —

This one springs from a similar desire to make something pretty.  I made the purple paper many years ago… the leaf is embellished with beads… and the blue silk under the purple is a truly to-die-for swatch of fabric… it needs more quilting….


2 thoughts on “Two more journal quilts

  1. turningturning

    Thanks for posting these. I’ve made my first moves toward (tentatively) trying some quilted journal pages. Good experiment for me, a long-time visual journaler. These give me inspiration!

  2. deemallon

    Hi there — the beauty of Journal Quilts is the experimentation that they invite — have fun!

    (the binding depicted on your blog was lovely — people don’t realize, I think, the skill it takes to make a nice binding).


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