Blessings, Angels, and Re-alignments!


On the  LEFT, I’m pleased to introduce the Blessing Doll that just found its way into my life yesterday, when 2 friends and I drove to Amherst and then Greenfield to meet the artist, Terry Jenoure (more on that later).

The white head with waxed linen hair on the RIGHT used to live on the Angel’s body (MIDDLE), but I have recently given myself permission to consider a number of dolls ‘unfinished’ and re-work them.  Could be I just never went through that phase of de-facing my Barbie dolls as a girl… more likely, it is the artistic process of revision.


This head was a Dover copyright-free face that I printed onto fabric, gessoed, sandpapered and then drew on, not to good effect.  Here’s what the head looks like in its ‘pure’ version.


Reading  “Outliers” this weekend, and taking to heart the whole idea that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master at anything, I am viewing this head as a failed attempt at surface treatment. But! I have not given up on him, entirely, and why should I?  Look at him… he has some dignity, I believe, and deserves another chance.


Kitchen Angel

This Kitchen Angel’s vegetable-printed torso has been flopping around the studio for quite some time.  It looks good on the Primitive Man’s former olive, black and brown geometric base.  A shirt cuff, complete with button, wraps around her waist.  She will get those petals for wings, and her hands will be sewn, rather than pierced with a pin.  Her upper body features cabbages and peas, which make her ideal as a purveyor of things fresh and tasty in the kitchen!

I’m not sure she will ultimately be holding these objects, but for now there is a found rubber ring, a found smushed piece of tin, and a charm, that says, “Made with Love” on it.
Later, I will devote a post to our visit to the dollmaker in Greenfield, Terry Jenoure. But for now, I’ll leave you with this picture and I’m sure you can see why I wanted to take this “Blessing” home with me!

doll by Terry Jenoure

doll by Terry Jenoure

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