June 2009 Catch Up

8 x 10" quilt

8 x 10" quilt

Three weeks of kids swapping colds, strep… and the end of school have created a lag, here.  Will catch up in small posts.

First, I have been cleaning the studio with a fury.  Eight bags of fabric were picked up by garbage truck yesterday.  Sometimes, you have to be ruthless.  I was ruthless this week (previous clearings involved diligent emails to local art teachers, costume designers, former sewing students, etc.).

Second, I am finding all kinds of stuff as I go — unfinished quilts that I completely forgot about, for instance.

Third, it is no accident that I am showing up here, now, after the SUN FINALLY CAME OUT.  The same three weeks that my boys were competing for the couch and asking for cups of tea, it was cloudy.  No sun.  “Dimmest June Since 1903” (or something), said The Boston Globe.

The little piece above was composed with fragments from a larger village quilt from a Martha’s Vineyard series.  It features a tiny, blurry photoshopped image of my son Danny bodysurfing in one of those indoor pools with a wave machine.  It is technically NOT a quilt, because the pieced section is stitched to felt, without a layer of batting.  The whole thing is stapled to a small wooden frame and probably could use another frame to finish it and hide a little of the purple.

Recently discovered —

The Barron Storey journals.  Worth a visit…

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