Slap Chop Remix with Steve Porter

listening to slap chop edit

This has captured me — Steve Porter’s Remix of the infomercial “Slap Chop”

(something about the sound of the words “slap chop” makes it good in a remix…Reminds me of the Japanese professor who told me his favorite English word was, “upchuck”, for similar reasons, I imagine).

Okay, okay, I’m home with teenaged boys!

When I listened to Porter’s remix the first time (yesterday?  the day before?  between the rain and the kids sleeping til noon, I hardly know the time of day anymore) —  it had had 2 million hits.  It’s up to 3 million today.  DJ Steve Porter has made the elements available so that others can do their own remixes.  You could spend days auditioning them!

Love to hear what you think!

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