Cool Cat Commission


This commission was made for a neighbor to give in gratitude to a bass-playing, Qigong instructor.  I was told to give him a cigar, glasses, and to make him cool.  Here’s his picture:

Jon Voight, Qigong instructor, bass player

Jon Voight, Qigong instructor, bass player

Cool Cat with Cigar

Cool Cat with Cigar

It took three tries (first one was too feminine, second one looked like a “black dude with a tail” (it had no ears)), but it was worth it, I think.

If you’re interested in Jon Voight or Qigong in the Boston area, you can find more here:

5 thoughts on “Cool Cat Commission

  1. Jane Hirschhorn

    I showed the cat to Ariel and she said “Oooh! I want it!” I told her it was a gift for someone else.

    I like that you added the picture of the instructor. You certainly have captured some of his essence from the photo.


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