Just a quick post or two in the next couple of days… I will be gardening like fury from now until Labor Day (well, as much as a 52 yr. old with a tender back who is heat-intolerant CAN garden like fury!), so posts will be scattered and few.

Went to Angino Farm yesterday to pick up my share and summer’s bounty was upon us.  Even though the tomatoes have been blighted, I literally embraced lush abundance with my three full bags of vegetables and herbs.  Does it take a tangible armload for me to feel grateful these days?  Perhaps.  I’m working on that….


Little white butterflies were flitting through the lavender, making a beautiful dance.


This shot was taken in the Children’s Garden.  Who among us can resist sunflowers?  I have some in my front yard every year.


I’m a little tired of eating kale, but look at the incredible texture of its leaves!

Love to hear what you think!

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