Good Fortune Doll


Made this doll last week.  Some of the SoulCollage images I have been working on seemed to want to be expressed in 3-D.  This one is the wounded child (again!). The face is surrounded by neon chopsticks and a ruffle of black tulle.


The use of several Asian-themed fabrics, ephemera and charms produced the title.  A Chinese flashcard of a porcupine got mid-section placement.


A rusty, road-side find was near-to-hand, and served as a symbol of female organs — the looping shape looks like a diagram of fallopian tubes.  I don’t know what the word on the metal disk is.  I’ll have to ask one of my older son’s peers who went to China this summer.

3 thoughts on “Good Fortune Doll

  1. Maggie

    Very moving piece! I wish I could zoom in on it…
    I think the contrast of the limbs to the body is a powerful metaphor. It bring across the difficulty in holding up one’s body. The is soul “buried” beneath layers of patched together symbols… signs reaching out for help.

    1. deemallon

      Hi Maggie,
      Your comment reminds me I want to see about posting larger pictures.
      And yes, to the “buried” and defended, behind the prickliness of porcupine quills…
      I did another version of this doll, which represents a progression toward gladness — I’ll attach her head today and post pix of her soon!


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