Quilting Moonlight with Recycled Shirts

Still working on the Full Moon in Taurus quilt.  Here’s what I did instead of the lace/tulle treatment —


This is more in line with what I want for this quilt than the lace I initially placed.



lace too bright


tracing to define house shadows


shiny tulle for moonlight


better than just lace, but --

When I saw one of my prize new thrift shop purchases —


I saw moonlight and shadows all over it.

Other things on table this week —


I love the unintentional symbol of financial demise created by the shadow’s traced edge placed over the bull.

I have made a couple of journal quilts expressing my outrage at the greedy, stupid, short-sighted, ridiculous laissez-faire-AynRand-Republican-lessgovernment/regulation-is-godly types (though Democrats played their part) that created the financial catastrophe of ’08.

I am not done expressing my outrage.

A recent Vanity Fair with photos of some of the big players (all the back-door dealings with billions flung at institutions to ‘save’ the economy also make me crazy, even IF it was the right thing to do)… will provide fodder.


Journal Quilt, March 2009

This is one of my Economy quilts — if you look at the brown and white toile of a harvest scene, you’ll see that I blotted out the peasant slaving away to earn his bread with a big black square.  (Since then, I drew the figure back with some thread)…  You’ll also see a precipitously declining zigzag representing the crash, as well as a Hawaiian deep indigo palm print cut and rearranged to create a feeling of a hurricane.  The little house in the upper right remains relatively untouched.  I suppose that could represent the fact that I am in my home, we are paying our mortgage, and the housing market where I live is relatively stable. This is a huge blessing, but does not quite counter the ten years of savings that we lost.

I want to stop feeling like that peasant.  No — I want to stop BEING that peasant.

4 thoughts on “Quilting Moonlight with Recycled Shirts

  1. Maggie

    The new shadows from the moon are much deeper! Nice work.

    My (teacher) office is now in the midst of 6th – 8th grade students. I love going out into the hallway when they are changing classes and trying not to be intimidated. It just makes me feel wonderful. Your teen-photos bring across a similar feeling: like dude what are YOU (any of you) doing in my kitchen?

    I went to a craft fair today and purchased a few small things. I hope you are selling lots this season. Your work is so incredibly beautiful.

  2. deemallon

    Thanks, Maggie. I did well today, and well last week — mostly small items, though.

    Are you still teaching the little ones (and just walking among the middle schoolers?)

    Halloween was a kick this year — that’s eighth grade!



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