Scraps and mess and not taking sides

Can I delight in seeing, even if what’s there is unappealing or grim or unasked for?

Today is bright and warmer, but with an icy breeze.  Jack gets his first walk in days.  Tonight I will braise a roast and be thankful for the table, my hands, my family, the food, the early dark, and the time to relax after dinner.

6 thoughts on “Scraps and mess and not taking sides

  1. Dee

    delight and gratitude vs. defeat and resignation — yes, the tension makes a path… and I’m hoping the woven text quilt is one stab at exploring…

  2. Dee

    thank you, Victoria — since posting this, I’ve been reading materials exactly on this point of not taking sides — Bill Harris put it this way, “Learn to let everything that happens be okay”. quite a practice!

  3. yolie

    i’m not quite at delight yet. i’m still working on acceptance.

    i question the whole notion about relieving or eliminating suffering. isn’t it essential? it’s the other side of joy.

  4. deemallon

    I think acceptance is a great goal — and believe acceptance would relieve A LOT of suffering — perhaps not all.

    BTW, I’m not at delight, either. I think I can accept that!


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