Here is where the two sections of Global Warming IV meet (or met, they are gone now)… each being quite a bit bigger than shown.

The conjoining of sections proved to be a bit of a disappointment.

I used one of my booth panels, which is a piece of one-inch insulation covered in black felt. It takes a pin nicely and measures 4×6′. Problem is, putting the two floor sections together would have required something 7 or even 8 feet tall, meaning that some of the bigger-pieced sections got jettisoned, and others rearranged in a way that I’m not sure I like (YET).

The transition sacrificed some of the hours of deliberation applied in making the designs on the floor.

This is business as usual for me, but was particularly disappointing because I wanted to SEE the two areas working together.  Normally I have seen what I was doing in its entirety before I change it.

I tell my gardening clients that planting a garden is like a game of hearts (“Pass to the right. Pass to the left. Hold.”) — so that they know it’s a fluid process.  So it is here.

I have long known that the progression of quilt layouts behind every finished piece is not necessarily a series of betterments.  Now that I am taking lots more pictures of quilts-in-progress, I will be able to study this a bit.

It may be, too, that I am entering the long-recognized, but still not totally-accepted phase of “I Hate This Quilt”. It’s happened enough that I know not to pay too much attention to it and to just walk away for awhile.

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