Almost done with this one… some of the stitches need better anchoring, because it was hard to control the tension pulling through fabric that had been gessoed.

The little single chain crochet that is couched on the edge was tinted in a pot with onion skins and one lone black walnut shell which appeared in the kitchen the morning I had the pot going.

What I notice — There is a tension pairing marks made by me (the script, the stitches) and ‘found’ marks, as printed on commercial fabrics (those little vegetal shapes — which look like a primitive form of writing and those pink upstrokes on the linen, which I repeated with my black marker).   What I want to see now is a piece that ONLY has marks/writing made by me.

11 thoughts on “scratches

  1. arlee

    Interesting that you see/feel a tension —i think these share a very journalistic approach, almost a traveller’s diary, with photos and writing, done by someone who *collects* images then annotates them—NOT a bad thing, but i look forward to you creating your own images with your own poetry/prose–
    i think when we use “commercial” prints, even universal symbols or shapes, they are things already “said” and putting your interpretation on top isn’t always easy or clearly defined, unless there is a definite statement being made with/by them

  2. Dee

    I have always capitalized on the prints on commercial fabrics to add narrative elements… but with this new direction, they are feeling a little like clutter, so I see why you say what you say.

  3. yolie

    i’m liking these little “stitcheries” very much. i have many similar pieces tucked away. i never knew where to go with them and they didn’t ever seem quite finished…

    what are you going do with yours?

  4. Dee

    thanks, Robin and Yolie — I like the frayed edges, too… ‘stitcheries’ is a great name, yolie, thanks for that… and I don’t know what I’ll do with them yet– I may find a way to hang them on dried stalks — I’ve used hosta to good effect before…

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks, Kathleen… your recent post lined up so much with another blog I follow, I want to direct you to it — cathy cullis, on my sidebar. Look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

  5. Sondra

    Hi Dee,
    I just ran into your blog and love it! Love the stitched pieces above. Very interesting, creative use of commercial fabric……I’ve got to follow your blog now! Glad that I found it. Thank you for sharing…..Sondra

    1. deemallon Post author

      thanks very much Sondra, not just for the comment, but for a link to your blog, which I will now follow — love what you are doing with surface design!


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