Yes and No

NO i will not work on any Schedule C matters today, no i will not vacuum or clean bathroom fixtures, no i will not grocery shop or fold fabric or make any unnecessary phone calls

YES i will make turkey rice soup for D and me (he’s headachy and woozy and home from school) YES i will bake a cake and ice it YES i will finish the 12 page addendum to my sister’s application for SSDI (only because it’s due tomorrow) and YES i will RSVP to a lunch date for tomorrow YES i will deposit the checks that are burning a hole in my wallet when I take C to the orthodontist later today and YES i might even treat myself to a trip to the library for some picture books (Klee, the fauvists, Chagall come to mind for now)…

it’s my birthday!

TWO THINGS about looking in the mirror at 53 —

One, I love Craig Ferguson’s running joke about looking in the mirror and wondering why his grandfather is staring back at him! Indeed, who IS that old lady, there, with the sagging eyes and jowls (never mind the grey which I have never minded)….

Two, one of my sister’s roommates in rehab is suffering from some form of dementia (I really WILL defer learning the fine points of Alzheimers and other forms of mental decay for now), and obviously her impulse control has weakened.  She announced gaily yesterday,  “Oh yes!  You’re the one with the half-finished haircut!”

Too funny.  Really.  I didn’t get in to my fine-tuned calculus of sacrificing beauty runs for New England Mobile Book Fair runs (I cut my own hair and I’m proud of it!), but I did get a laugh.

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