Revisiting work that wasn’t finished…

One of the quilters who spoke to my guild last year said, “Any quilt that I don’t like is just an unfinished quilt.”

Yesterday, I read in Morna’s blog about picking up a piece she had THOUGHT was finished, had put up for sale, and returned to, because it WASN’T finished.

I have many pieces that I don’t like.  This doesn’t stop me from trying to sell them, because, lo and behold, the pieces I don’t personally like often go the most quickly.

But lately, partly because of my disinclination to be in my basement studio, and partly as a result of the provocative discussions in Slow Cloth circles, I am enjoying the process of picking up a piece and really adding to it, reworking it… If we were talking painting, the first go ’round of design and quilting would be the equivalent of priming the canvas.

This little UFO floated into my orbit just as I was pondering the idea that it might be liberating to be ‘done with houses’.  Nevertheless, something about it drew me back in.

I have added many new rooves, and am turning some of the black areas into roads.  The quilt sprang out of a road trip a little later in the year than this, last year… Eventually, this quilt will be ‘binding worthy’.

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  1. Ger

    That´s why one wants a long-time relationship with cloth I guess – takes time learning to like the not so likeable parts (as it does in “real” life… 😉


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