truing up and screwing up

I have always liked the phrase, “truing up”.  It implies getting things straight.  Coming into alignment.  Making the edges workable.  And because I mostly eyeball the lines in the early stages of my quilts, truing up also indicates progress toward finishing.

And then there’s screwing up.  As in orienting one large section of the bottom of the quilt up-side-down.  Oh well.  Good thing I am developing a new relationship with my seam ripper.

intended, upper right

upper right, upsidedown

7 thoughts on “truing up and screwing up

  1. deemallon

    I’ll often ‘go with’ a mistake like this, but in this case both the cherries and the trucks on the black background bug me too much to leave as is.

  2. deemallon

    well, although a topsy-turvy world goes EXACTLY with what this quilt is about, I want the trucks to be oriented wheels-to-the ground and the cherries oriented with gravity… I suppose the thing to wonder is, why mention it?

  3. deemallon

    thanks a lot, Seth. (got my copy of “true colors” in the mail this week — will post a comment over at your blog tomorrow — and of course, I love it!)


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