Pieces assembling, then flying off

Time feels like it is flying by!  I spent a good week and a half on the big Global Warming quilt before I got busy with several gardens.  At last report, I was sticking to the idea of one big quilt.  For most of the winter, the temptation to fragment and ‘finish up’ in smaller sections seemed like one to resist.  But finally, the time came when it just got ridiculous to try and make it work.

So!  This first image is a newly freed fragment.  It needs an edge along the bottom and quilting.

I also have two other sections near completion — they are still deciding whether they too, will be solos, or unite as a single quilt.   Here they are (below), one stacked on top of the other.

My guess is that beyond these two (or three) quilts, I have patchworked sections enough for at least three, and possibly four, more quilts.

In the meantime, here’s a pretty sight from a boat ride this past weekend.

And here’s where the guys and I had dinner tonight:

This is the view just over the deck rail — my neglected backyard!

K. and I finished the current season of Mad Men — just in time.  I’d just about had it with Betty Draper — although she’s a more interesting and tolerable character when she is suffering, I’ve decided.  Off to bed now.  Just about finished with “The Good Doctor” by Damon Galgut, one of the many (MANY!!) good books that I scored recently at the high school’s used book sale (I was so grateful for my booty, I volunteered to help organize it next year… is it that, or do I want to have first picks?!!!)

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