Things sprouting

Here are my basil seedlings.  This soil has been a little too wet, so they aren’t as far along as they might be, which is to say, we could use a couple of HOT days right about now.

The Treasure Island quilt has progressed quite a bit since the last post about it, and quite a bit since this photograph.

I have included many creatures in it, including turtles, fish (such HAPPY fish), a zebra, long-legged birds — OH, and snakes.

In my first post about this commission, I talk about how I was asked not to make this quilt scary.  So, I went back and forth about the snakes, but ultimately included them, since it is my experience that young boys adore snakes.  Not only do they represent power, both male and female (being sacred to the Goddess in many cultures), their “S”-shaped bodies are one of several visual motifs that act as a path to the house-shape where sanctuary and healing are to be found.

The SoulCollage card features a photograph of Vidal Sassoon and his son, I believe.  I added the moon background.  To me, the images are about the healthy maturation of a young boy made possible by a healthy relationship with a well-integrated father.  Look at that son!  His elegant youthfulness, his easeful and natural pose bring such gladness to this viewer!  Not only is he comfortable in his own skin, he seems to be comfortable sporting a very LARGE snake — which any way you look at it, HAS to bode well for his future.

(And let’s not forget the mother — who, here, is represented not just by the full moon, but by the night, itself).

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