Light and Dark

The light has been beautiful the last two evenings…

Now it fades, as the longest day of the year draws to a close.  Boys are abroad.  School ended today.

This is week two of a new full-time job, and my head is still spinning with all the changes, so this post is brief — Jack needs a walk, and the Stieg Larsson book calls, too.

Happy Solstice!

7 thoughts on “Light and Dark

  1. chris gray

    The light here has been beautiful too. Living on the top of a hill with no other buildings to get in the way allows the sun to shine on the south facing side all day…and then in through the living room window in the evening as it sets.

    Thanks for popping by mine…I’m enjoying my Kuba journey…..and will be enjoying some thread dyeing when things settle down a bit 🙂

    I’ll send an e-mail when I get a bit more time to write. x

  2. deemallon

    Hi Anne and Chris —
    Yes the first photo shows a screen, and in the glass of the window some reflection of my arm. (and speaking of pix, I hope you found your camera, Anne!)

    It is nice to hear about the light in Wales, Chris… the same sun setting here a few hours later! Our western light is dappled this time of year a large copper beech to our immediate west), and a few of our windows are over 100 years old, and wrinkled, so in places the light is very shimmery… and wonderful.

  3. Lesley

    Hello Dee,
    I am so glad to have found my way here today….these two photos make me feel very peaceful. The first is so beautifully evocative of porch summer life. And the second makes me want to know exactly what it is making up its composition, but then not-because the mystery of it is so wonderful. Thank you for the refreshment.

    And belated wishes for a gorgeous summer and a settling in with your new work.


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